TikTok: Here’s how to join the Picrew trend – make your avatar!

Screenshot from TikTok @houndervamp Madeleine

More and more users on TikTok are joining in on TikTok’s new Picrew Avatar trend. If you haven’t already joined, here’s how to use Picrew.

This trend is to show how you think you look like and how others perceive you. It is also a fun thing to do as a couple to show each other how much you love your partner. So check out our guide and start making your anime versions. You can also check out some TikTok videos to gain inspiration.

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What is the Picrew Trend?

If you have seen some icons of your friends and wondered if they have gotten it made by artists, you are wrong.

This new Picrew trend is all about expressing yourself by going to Picrew.me and show what you represent.

The website has templates made by artists that you can use to make your own cartoon image.

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You have a variety of interesting templates to choose from which means that you can customize your appearance but you don’t have to start from scratch.

After looking at so many cool results, the couples on TikTok got an idea to show how they perceive each other. So now this trend has turned cool to cute.

People are also making up avatars for their favorite celebrities as well. Whose avatar will you be making?

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How to use Picrew maker

Go to the Picrew website and translate it to English for convenience. If you scroll below, you will see all the hot and trending templates that you can choose.

“Girl maker” and “OC maker” is used the most by TikTokers so if you want to play it safe, go for one of these options.

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Start with basics like choosing face, ear, etc. and work up to hairstyles and accessories. Once you are done selecting a rocking outfit to suit your avatar, you are ready to post.

Don’t forget to tag the artist who created the template and add a hashtag #picrew to join the trend.

Best TikTok examples


not sure who started this but I saw @kd_mouse do it first🥰 #picrew #boyfriend #relationship #couple

♬ Baby Hotline – MixAndMash

i saw @roxana.jane do it first. (ummmmandy on tumblr girl maker) #oppositebestfriends #goth #vamp #fyp #trend #picrew

♬ original sound – Klaus Mikaelson

I don’t think she knew how to change the eye color 🙃 #fyp #friend #picrew

♬ original sound – Klaus Mikaelson