TikTok: Who is Britney Portillo? OnlyFans creator has a heart attack after “dry scooping”

Screenshot form TIkTok @brivtny

After sharing her terrifying story on TikTok, this 20-year-something girl from New York, Britney Potillo, went viral.

Her story tells the truth and real consequences of blindly following TikTok trends. She actually got a heart attack because she followed a challenge from the platform. Lets get to know her story and ponder over whether we should continue this social media behavior or not.

Who is Britney Portillo?

Briatney is a TikTok and OnlyFans content creator with a huge following. She seems to be in her twenties living in Connecticut, New York. If you look at her TikTok bio, she describes herself as being the “CEO of having a NSTEMI from preworkout/low caffeine tolerance”.

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NSTEMI is a short form of non-ST segment elevation myocardial infarction. It is a type of heart attack that does not show a change in the ST segment elevation on an electrocardiogram and that results in less damage to the patient’s heart.

Her TikTok is followed by just 4k users so you cannot call her an influencer but her terrifying story about how she had a heart attack went viral throughout the platform. So lets get to know what happened and what is “dry scooping”.

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Her viral TikTok video

The video posted above is the one that went viral with 2.3 million views, 335k likes, and almost 7k comments including some who claimed that she was making this all up.

People commenting that she is doing all this for show or clout was upsetting to this user which is why she posted the video with her in a hospital gown next to a bunch of equipment.


#inverted also heparin is what’s helped me be fine and stable throughout my experience because it helps with heart attack symptoms no need to cap🙂

♬ Let It Happen – Tame Impala

She also added in the video that “Idk why people think I’d cap about heart attack on this app ya annoying asf im just tryna help ppl not make the same mistake I did.”

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What happened to her was that she took a “dry scoop” before doing a strip tease. There is a trend going on to have a spoonful of dry stuff like cinnamon and then workout.

She explained to Buzzfeed that she started to feel some symptoms soon after having that scoop. There was “tingly and itchy” sensations throughout her body and she didn’t feel good.

Like anyone with a phone in this generation, she Googled it and saw that this was a normal side effect. So she resumed her strip but started feeling a heavy sensation in her chest and pain which also she ignored.

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Eventually, she was in the locker room and she started to feel hot even though it was cold in there and the chest pain came back with severe intensity. She also felt a pain in her back and left arm which went slightly limp so she decided to call an ambulance.

The doctors were hesitant to call this a heart attack despite the fact that all the symptoms were there because she was so young. But the results came back and it was found that she had an NSTEMI (a heart attack but a less damaging one).

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She has been cleared to start exercising in a few days but this story should open all of our eyes. We should not follow trends blindly and make sure to get a consultation when you feel some symptoms instead of letting them pass.