TikTok: Bow Bow Bow song and challenge explored with examples!

Screenshot from TikTok @vibingwiteli

A new TikTok challenge has been issued recently and you have to dance to the Bow Bow Bow song to join the trend.

It has been less than two months since the audio clip that is used for this challenge has been uploaded and it is already the most trending song and TikTok challenge this month (May 2021).


I may have to go to the ER in the morning this crisis is really bad trying to deal with it home but it’s rough💔#sicklecellwillnotdefeatme💜

♬ original sound – Eli💔

Trendsetter of Bow Bow Bow song

A user named FamousEli (@vibingwiteli) is the reason why we are all on the trend and why we are obsessed with the beat of this song. So if you can’t get it out of your head, you know how to blame.

He uploaded a video on 27th March 2021 dancing to this awesome song that we can’t help but move our heads to. You can check out the video below –


New trend alert 🚨 ( my dc🥶) wat y’all think 🤔 #xyzbca #vibingwiteli #viral #fyp #trending

♬ original sound – Eli💔

His caption seems to have predicted that a new trend would emerge with this video or enabled it – “New trend alert 🚨 ( my dc🥶) wat y’all think 🤔 #xyzbca #vibingwiteli #viral #fyp #trending

You can see that it is viral, trending, and also vibing with everyone because of the 500k views and 60k likes that it has received in such a short time.

The dance moves are pretty simple and you can also keep your routine simple. As long as you are matching the best, everyone will love your video.

How to join the challenge

This may be the easiest challenge of TikTok so far because there is no fixed routine you have to follow like in #youcanreallydance.

You just got to have some moves and this audioclip and you are good to go. Just make sure to pop your body at every “bow bow bow” and your audience is going to love it. If you need some help, check the video below for some guidance.

Best TikTok attempts

Within a month and a half, this audioclip has been used in more than 222k videos. Users are especially using this beat to show off their bellies, dance routines, and workouts.

Check out some of the most viewed TikToks that were made with this audio –


Go hard‼️ just realize I didn’t have my hat on👀 #fyp #xyzbca #share #dontletthisflop #trend

♬ original sound – Eli💔

Go hard‼️ just realize I didn’t have my hat on👀 #fyp #xyzbca #share #dontletthisflop #trend

♬ original sound – Eli💔

Which TikTok challenge is your favorite so far?