TikTok: La da dee la da da song revealed – where to listen and download!

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Is “la da dee la da da, la da dee la da da” stuck in your head? Well you aren’t the only one, TikTok has done it again!

TikTok has not only given people on the platform a career and made them super famous and rich, but it has also made songs go viral out of nowhere.

Songs that have gone viral on TikTok have climbed charts and peaked the career of many artists, including Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat who have both dominated Billboard Hot 100 thanks to TikTok.

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TikTok stars themselves have taken the opportunity that the platform has given them and have released their own songs, like Dixie D’Amelio and Nessa Barrett. 

However, the weirdest thing is that old and long-forgotten songs are becoming viral 🧐.

What is the song title of la da dee la da da?

La da dee la da da was actually released in 1990, when TikTok wasn’t even an idea, yet the song is trending on the app. 

The song’s title is “Gypsy woman (she’s homeless)” and it is performed by Crystal Waters, an American house and dance singer of the 90s. 

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The hashtag “Gypsy woman” has over 2.7 million views and has made the older generations join the TikTok trend, nostalgically dancing to the song they used to dance at the disco back in the day. 

Creatives have also jumped into the trend, covering la da dee la da da in their own way, elevating the song with their talent.


@tywiththewifiii Some add drums to this! Also, don’t let this flopped! I spent a lot of time on this! #gypsywoman #vibe #neosoulguitar #guitarsolo

♬ Gypsy woman tywiththewifi – tywiththewifi

La da dee la da da, da la da dee la da da and all over again is all we can think about lately, but we aren’t mad; the song is timeless 🎶