What is PFP on TikTok? Acronym explained!

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Another day, another TikTok acronym that needs explanation. TikTok terminology has been giving us food for thought recently, so what does PFP mean?

Have you ever been scrolling through TikTok and seen acronym hashtags that make no sense? Been there, done that, and now informing myself and I will help you too. 

The hashtag PFP has over 490 million views and it seems that is becoming something that will be dominating the FYP.

You have probably seen in your FYP the term PFP which is IB TikTok and I will BRB to explain to you what it means – LOL.

What does PFP mean? 

On other social media platforms, PFP means ‘Picture for Proof’. 

PFP is used to ask for a picture taken at the time speaking to prove that they are saying the truth at the current moment. 

For instance, if a friend texts you “what are you doing?” or “WYD?” – if they are cool enough – and you’re eating tacos, you send them a PFP, instead of writing “I’m eating tacos 🌮 at my grandma’s”. See? Social media has defo made our lives easier.

In TikTok terminology, to prove your POV you have to show a PFP.

Unsurprisingly though, TikTok has added a new meaning to PFP; because we weren’t confused enough.

What does PFP mean on TikTok? 

The TikTok interpretation is hilarious. PFP means ‘Profile Picture’ and people are creating videos making fun of their situations. 

In order to describe how they are doing in different situations, they change their profile picture to a meme that represents their mood; say when they get a bad grade, they use a picture of someone crying, which means they got a C. So the PFP they set, indicates how they are doing at the moment.

Others use different PFP to show whether they are online, offline, playing video games, eating or doing homework.

As much fun as TikTok is, with all these slangs, we have to admit that it is giving us a brain fart. 🤯