Talia Mar opens up about her nose job – and her boyfriend reacts!

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Talia Mar has opened up about her nose job and her boyfriend’s reaction in a recent livestream on Twitch.

Natalia Haddock, widely known as Talia Mar, is an English YouTuber with over 700k followers.

Apart from YouTube, Talia is active on Twitch, where she plays video games and does regular live streams to interact with her fanbase.

She is quite honest with her fans for the most part when it comes to her personal life, and her viewers seem to appreciate that.

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However, some of Talia’s live streams don’t always go as planned. A week ago, while she was playing live on Twitch, somebody anonymously donated $1,000 for her to stop playing.

Talia couldn’t believe her eyes and started crying, accepting the generous donation, but continuing playing. People were quick to comment on the fact that she is rich already and that her boyfriend is a millionaire, so the tears were pretty damn unnecessary.

Either way, who doesn’t want a free 1k 💵

Who is Talia’s Mar boyfriend?

Talia’s boyfriend of three years is Simon Minter, known as Miniminter, fellow YouTuber and gamer with a net worth of 2.9 million dollars.

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Since they made their relationship official in 2018, Talia and Miniminter have been creating videos together, the latest one being a Halloween edition video, trending in the UK.

Did Talia Mar get another nose job?

Even though Talia hasn’t addressed her first nose job, her fans have noticed that she has done not one, but two nose surgeries.

In her latest live stream on Twitch, Talia was asked what is Miniminter’s opinion on her second nose job.

Talia seemed a little uncomfortable by the question, but she decided to answer truthfully. You can see the video below:

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What is Miniminter’s opinion?

Talia Mar’s boyfriend said:

“I don’t think he really cares. He’s like ‘as long as you don’t completely change the way you look’, he’s down. If it makes me happy, he’s down.”

We love a supportive boyfriend; couple goals to say the least ❤️