Twitter reacts: Jamaican Police caught eating in video!

Screenshot from LIFE OF GERMY Youtube video

A Jamaican Police officer was caught performing inappropriate acts in a video of him which was supposedly leaked online. Social media platforms such as Twitter and Youtube have been going crazy as users disapprovingly respond to the explicit footage!

Below, we explore the trending topic and include shocking Twitter reactions. Continue reading as we briefly explain the contents of the viral video to prevent you from having to watch it!

Jamaican police eating video explained

So, whats the deal with this viral video?

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A Jamaican police officer was recently identified in an explicit video that was supposedly leaked online.

The video involves the officer performing inappropriate acts on a female while being filmed.

This footage is now spiralling the internet as viewers express their shock and disapproval on various social media platforms.

Jamaica Constabulary Force took to Twitter to address the incident.

@JamaicaConstab announced that the police man has now been interdicted with immediate effect; meaning that he is prohibited from service.

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They followed up with another Twitter statement, informing the public that the IPROB has launched an investigation into the activities shown in the footage.

More information will be released as the investigation progresses.

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Crazy social media responses

A small Youtube channel named LIFE OF GERMY, uploaded a video addressing the video involving the police man.

This content was uploaded on 2nd March and already has over 6,000 views.

Along with many others, another Youtuber named Zandramah also posted on her channel regarding the viral video.

Over on Twitter, @karendmadden used a hashtag to order Jamaica to simply #CalmDown.

This user suggested that while the officer’s wife will probably leave him, as well as his Church possibly back benching him, he should not lose his job.

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@SandyyMay agreed with Karen by stating that the police man needs support.

Many users have used humour to make hilarious jokes about the contents of the video.

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@Stefan_RJ responded to the Jamaica Constabulary Force by jokingly-stating that the policeman had a right to take a lunch break.

@Goffeman referred to KFC’s popular slogan to banter about the video.

@Jaimeedits1 shared a supposedly funny picture-edit which included an image of the officer.

However, other users have took a more serious note regarding the incident.

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A user named @sweetsanade listed two things to take away from the viral video in her Tweet.

Sanade suggested that the officer was wrong for taking part in such activities while wearing his uniform.

She also claimed the Jamaican Police Force do not care about cyber crime.

@SamuelANeil then responded by shaming the Police Force in a Tweet which quoted:

“Jamaican Police Force sometimes behave like they just can’t be bothered.”

Go ahead and check out more social media reactions for further information surrounding the Jamaican policeman who was caught eating in the viral video! 🥴