Crybaby Ass YouTuber with Curly Hair explained: Larray’s Google shock!

Larray Instagram story.

Larri Merritt, known online as Larray, recently discovered a photo of himself underneath a bizarre Google search.

The social media personality took to Instagram to share his findings with fans.

Crybaby ass YouTuber with curly hair – what does it mean?

The 22-year-old Hype House member recently posted an Instagram story, featuring a screenshot of the Google image search: “Crybaby ass YouTuber with curly hair.”

Larray recognised an image of himself under the image search and quickly shared it with fans.

This story was followed by a selfie, captioned “ouch.”

Although the TikToker had expressed that he felt hurt, fans think that he was being satirical and he actually found humour in it. Some of Larray’s followers felt that ‘crybaby’ was in reference to a song Larray has recently released, titled ‘cancelled’.

‘Cancelled’ is a diss track, calling out the likes of Bryce Hall, Tana Mongeau, Shane Dawson, and Jeffree Star. The idea that Larray is described as a ‘crybaby’ could stem from the fact that he ‘canceled’ a series of social media personalities. Although, as fans noted, Larray is actually good friends with many of these stars – making the song satirical.

Does Larray receive a lot of hate on YouTube?

Although the Google image search wasn’t hate, per say, the YouTuber is no stranger to receiving messages from trolls and social media users.

In fact, Larray recently uploaded a YouTube video entitled ‘RESPONDING TO HATE COMMENTS’. Some of these comments included:

“Is it just me, or does Larray look like a shrimp that shops at Urban Outfitters?”

“You sound like a girl, it’s disgustingly annoying.”

“Idk how you guys enjoy his content, it’s so annoying.”

Though Larray was laughing and joking during this video, he did disclose that he was trying not to get his feelings hurt when filming.

Is Larray impacted by the social media hate pressure?

It seems that the social media personality is able to cope pretty well with any hate that he receives.

With a thriving TikTok account with 22.5 million followers, and a YouTube channel with 8.3 million subscribers, Larray seems to be doing great.

Like any online personality, getting trolled or receiving hate is almost inevitable on the internet. However, Larray is continuing to create entertaining content for his mass following.