Who is Erin Gilfoy? Age, relationship and YouTube career

Erin Gilfoy YouTube.

Vine star turned YouTube star, Erin Gilfoy, has been a part of the online community for some time now.

Read on to find out the ins and outs of this content creator’s life and career.

How did Erin Gilfoy start on social media?

Twenty-nine-year-old Erin weaved her way into a career in social media and content creation, initially starting as a Vine creator.

Vine was a social networking app that launched in 2013, allowing users to share six-second video clips – essentially an older version of TikTok. The app became unavailable in 2017.

Erin Gilfoy posted comedic content on Vine, earning herself more than 50,000 followers on the app. Her most popular Vine video surfaced in 2015 and gained 2 million ‘loops’ in less than a year. The video was titled “truth or dare w/ Carly Incontro, The Gabbie Show, Arielle, J.Cyrus.”

Later on, the Vine comedian launched a YouTube series with fellow content creator, Carly Incontro. The series was named ‘Vining and Driving’, with the concept being that the pair would interview Vine stars while driving. Huge social media stars, such as David Dobrik, have been a part of this series.

More recently, Erin launched her own self-titled YouTube channel. The channel has 165k subscribers and Erin uploads content such as ‘day in the life’ vlogs, house tours, clothing hauls and workout videos.

Who is Erin Gilfoy dating?

In 2018, the YouTuber announced that she was engaged to 31-year-old fellow creator, T.J. Petracca.

T.J. specialises in the music industry and is co-founder of a digital creative agency, Ride or Cry.

The pair wed in 2020 and moved into a new LA home together in January of 2021. T.J. frequently makes appearances on Erin’s channel, usually featuring in her lifestyle vlogs.

Behind Erin Gilfoy’s personal life

Outside of social media, Erin and long-time friend, Carly Incontro, own an apparel business together, titled Cande (@cande on Instagram).

Cande’s items are predominantly bright coloured t-shirts and sweatsuits, featuring slogans and the company logo.

Other than working on her company, Erin’s Instagram feed proves that she enjoys travelling and is still settling into her new home with her husband.