Who is Cori Gabrielle? TikTok in bid to find her real family!

Cori Gabrielle TikTok.

Content creator Cori Gabrielle, better known on TikTok as @corixgabrielle, recently went viral for a plea to find her biological siblings.

The social media star disclosed that she is likely to have up to six biological siblings that she is yet to meet.

Who is Cori Gabrielle?

Cori is a 26-year-old social media content creator and TikToker living in the Illinois area.

She creates predominantly comedic content on TikTok and has 1.5 million followers. Cori is very transparent surrounding her previous battle with addiction and substance abuse – however, she is now sober.

The content creator also has a daughter named Willow Rae, who is often seen in snaps on Cori’s Instagram, @corixgabrielle.

Who is Cori Gabrielle searching for?

In a viral plea TikTok video captioned “please, please”, Cori revealed that she is adopted and has been searching for her biological siblings.

The video was posted on 4th March and has since been viewed 1.2 million times.

The TikToker told her followers that her biological father’s name was Tom Hill and that he lived in the Wisconsin area. She also mentioned that Hill had between six to seven children, meaning that she has up to six biological siblings somewhere in the world.

Cori stated that she’d be keen to get in touch with her siblings and that it would help with her healing process.

She then urged followers and TikTok users to share the video, in hope of being able to reach her biological family.

Fans and followers were quick to help, jumping to the comment section in an attempt to boost the algorithm. Some even believed that they know of friends and relations who could be related to Cori:

“My sister is married to a Hill and we all live in Wisconsin??”

“My friend’s name is Emily Hill and she doesn’t have a father.”

Cori is yet to find someone with provable evidence that they are biologically related.

How you can help Cori Gabrielle on TikTok

By engaging with Cori’s plea video, you can help boost the algorithm to ensure that more TikTok users see the video.

As Cori mentioned, you can also share the video across various platforms – whether that is Facebook, Snapchat, or messaging a friend.

If you think that you know somebody who could be biologically related to Cori, get in contact via TikTok or Instagram (@corixgabrielle).