TikTok: Who is Rezai? Age and James Charles accusations!


An American TikTok creator named @redzai is involved in some pretty heavy drama including James Charles as he accused the famous Youtuber of allegedly grooming him. After the accusations have been spiralling the internet for days, the 16-year-old has now allegedly involved the police.

In this article, we explore the drama involving these two content creators and the tea is definitely spilt! Continue reading to discover what James Charles is being accused of this time and why fans are so concerned. Is James Charles being cancelled yet again? Let’s find out!


@jamescharles is being cancelled again. Here is a summary of what happened in 1 part

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Who is Redzai on TikTok?

Isaiyah, known as Redzai on TikTok, is a 16-year-old male from the USA.

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As a fashion model, Isaiyah is also a content creator on various social media platforms.

@redzai currently has 265.2K followers along with 3.4 million likes in total on TikTok.

The creator’s content includes the latest trends and features popular sounds on the app.

His Instagram (@isaxyah_0455) has over 8,000 followers and is full of images of himself.

Redzai also has a pretty large following on Twitter (@Isaiyah13) with over 2,000 followers.

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Redzai and James Charles drama

@redzai recently shared two videos onto TikTok whereby he allegedly ‘exposed’ James Charles.

By sharing screenshots of Snapchat conversations with him, Isaiyah was implying that the Youtuber was allegedly grooming him by asking for and sending images containing nudity.

Although these videos have now been removed from the app, they had already spiralled the internet and gained lots of attention.

After the videos began to go viral, James took to Twitter (@jamescharles) to address the rumours.

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To summarise, James stated that he was under the impression that nothing illegal was occuring since Isaiyah had claimed that he was 18-years-old.

After finally admitting that he is in fact only aged 16, James expressed his feelings of discomfort and proceeded to remove @redzai from social media.

It was at this point that Isaiyah began to share videos explaining the accusations.

In response to viewers requesting proof of these allegations, Isaiyah then also took to Twitter to continue telling his side of the story.

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When asked for proof, the user claimed his Tweets are unable to send.

Isaiyah eventually uploaded videos of himself showing the Snapchat messages he received from James.

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Confused? We’ve got you covered.

TikTok user named @ariella.elm responded to a comment asking her to address the drama surrounding James Charles and Redzai in a recent explanation video.

Ariella then included a screenshot of James’ Twitter post which supposedly cleared the accusations.

This TikToker stated that in order to truly believe James’ side of the story, she would have liked him to include receipts – referring to the material that would validate his claims.

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Ariella liked a comment by @sluttypika which considered the Youtuber’s previous accusations:

“it’s hard to pick a side when only one has receipts..but also this isn’t james first scandal like this..”

Another user named @teatok.drama also provided lots of online information which briefly explains the drama.

When accused of changing his TikTok bio to include his age after speaking to James, Redzai took to Twitter to debunk this information.

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Popular TikTok creator named Ben Wardle (@benwardle_) addressed the incident in his latest upload.

Ben explained to his viewers that if a straight male was facing these allegations, supporters would be cancelling the person.


I’m not saying he should be cancelled I’m just saying we need accountability for actions!!! #jamescharles

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@ttdramanews summarised the drama and added James Charles to her ‘groomer list’.


@jamescharles is being cancelled again. Here is a summary of what happened in 1 part

♬ Act 2: In the Hall of the Mountain King – Edvard Grieg

Social media responses have been full of mixed opinions.

While many people are in disbelief, Isaiyah also has many supporters who are standing by him.

@its_3030 replied to a Tweet by thanking Isaiyah and stating that his supporters believe him.

However, the comment section of Redzai’s recent TikTok video is full JC supporters with strong opinions.

@asstrowoorld commented with the statement:

“Okay one of y’all gonna have to post screenshots and proof because this happens a lot with James and the people always get caught clout chasing💀”

User named @trevm also stuck up for James in their comment:

“I don’t fw james but it’s strange that you take those ss of him but never once showed the actual text of you saying ur age and stuff. Something seems”

Updates on grooming allegations

New information is now surfacing the internet with claims that Isaiyah has now taken this situation to higher authorities.

After summarising the initial situation, a TikTok user named @ttdramanews has since uploaded an updated video containing recent details.

We are now aware that 16-year-old Redzai has taken this issue to the police as his Snapchat story was supposedly leaked to the TikTok room.

Within the Snap story, the teen explains that the police are now handling the situation by viewing evidence from his device, including nude images.

He also mentioned that the police are looking into taking the case further.

So, what do you think will happen next?

Could this be yet another one of James Charles’ scandals? 🤷‍♀️