TikTok: Unraveling the mystery of @imhavingsomuchfunn and ‘Karlie Guse’

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A video was uploaded by a TikTok account called ‘@imhavingsomuchfunn’ showing a girl looking uncomfortable in the dark, with many people believing that she was making certain movements as signals for help.

Many users are confused about who was in the viral video, and many have drawn conclusions s to who it might be and where they were locared. The account ‘imhavingsomuchfunn’ uploaded this onto TikTok, from a live video.

People are especially worried because many think it’s a missing girl called Karlie Guse who went missing around two years ago. Here is everything we know.

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What happened in the imhavingsomuchfunn TikTok video?

The video has gone viral of a girl, in a dark room talking to people on her TikTok live. She appears to be looking stressed and uncomfortable as she makes fidgety movements and keeps shaking.

Many people pointed out that she was playing with her hair a lot which could be considered a sign for help. She also mentioned that she ‘hasn’t got any power in her house’ and she can’t flip the camera around.

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Many users have drawn out other details from the video like they can hear breathing and clocks ticking – which users claimed were signs that “she may have been kidnapped’ despite no concrete evidence around this.

This video has many people scared and worried about the girl, but also they cannot work out who it is, which has sparked more controversy.

The girls is not Karlie Guse

Many people thought it was a girl called Karlie Guse, who went missing in Bishop, California, on the 13th of October 2018.

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She was reported missing after she was told to have been on drugs the night before and was acting crazy that night, then the next day disappeared.

Even though it may seem like it is her, this is not her in the video. These are just rumours circulating in the comment section, making many people think it was her.

For starters, we can tell it isn’t her as Karlie Guse is from America and the girl in the video appears to have an English accent.

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So, who is user @imhavingsomuchfunn?

There have been many talks around who is in the video, making people worried about the girls’ safety and want to help in someway.

The girl in the video apears to be a user called @chickfilletpeabrain who has over 38,000 follwers and just over 930 thousand likes.

She seems to look fine, and has been uploading TikToks for the past days and doesn’t seem to have mentioned or looks like she has been kidnapped or hurt in anyway.

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