Have Spencewuah and his boyfriend split up? Sad TikTok responses!

Screenshot from @eggless.brownies TikTok

Popular TikTok creator named Spencewuah only recently announced he had a boyfriend in December 2020, but supporters are already speculating a breakup after the pair have both deleted all social media content including one another.

Fans of the couple seem devastated as they continue to upload TikTok content surrounding the rumoured-split. Continue reading as we explore Spencewuah and his partner Luis Bergen’s supposed breakup – crazy social media responses are also included!

Who is Spencewuah and his boyfriend?

Spencer Hunt, known on TikTok as Spencewuah, is a verified content creator from the USA.

On TikTok, @spencewuah currently has 9.1 million followers and over 850 million likes in total.

The star is well-known for his ‘daily scream’ videos whereby he screams loudly into the camera, often complaining about an inconvenience that occurred in his life.

At only 19-years-old, Spencer introduced Luis Bergin to his social media fans in December 2020 as his boyfriend.

Luis Bergin is also a content creator living in the United States, alongside his important job role as a nurse.

@luisbergin also has a fairly large audience online with 1.1 million followers on TikTok.

Have Spencer and Luis split up?

On 3rd March 2021, Spencer uploaded a TikTok transition video which eventually revealed his brand new haircut.

The teen began the video with his long-curly locks, and ended with a short back and sides style.

This upload has now gained 16.2 million views in total and tons of amazing feedback.

At first, fans thought nothing about this his extreme hair change aside from his great new style.

However, other situations then began to occur – leading viewers to wonder if this drastic appearance-adjustment was part of something more than a style switch-up…

You know what they say; what better way to get over someone than to change up your hair, right? 💇‍♂️

Spencer then duetted @itsjustsemaj‘s reaction video referring to the new haircut.

In the video, it seems as though the two may be jokingly-flirting.

The comment section is now full of further speculations surrounding the supposed breakup.

A fan in the comment section reminded supporters that Spencer took so long to reveal Luis as his boyfriend due to the fear of hate being involved if they were to split up.

@user849044190 commented:

“y’all need to remember spencer didn’t reveal his boyfriend for a long time because he didn’t want y’all to hate on him if they broke up. don’t do that”

TikTok user named @.martaamireiaa uploaded screenshots of the couple’s social media accounts.

The video contains evidence that Luis has made his Instagram account (@louiebergin) private.

Spencer’s Instagram (@spencewuah) is also shown to have no trace of Luis anymore – all previous images have been removed…

Over on Instagram, @lgbtxxmulti uploaded screenshots of the pair’s following list – showing that they are in fact still following one another.

The account also posted a picture of Spencer and Luis and used the caption to explain more reasoning for the supposed breakup.

All TikTok content including each other has also been removed from each of their accounts.

Another TikTok user named @mysticalskyes also acknowledged the deleted social media content, in a recent video.

However, @nevaehr10115 took into account that Spencer’s new haircut could just be a coincidence, yet it would make sense.


I feel like I missed something I hope it’s a prank or something😃 #spence #spencewuah #breakup #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #foru

♬ Black Eyed Peas Imma Be – uh

Devastated TikTok responses

A popular TikTok hashtag #spencewuahboyfriend already has 212.6K views and is full of concerned supporters.

User named @not.chichi took to TikTok to state that since the supposed breakup, she no longer believes in love.

@okiemuteoghene responded to another TikTok video which implied that Spencer’s haircut was due to his breakup.

This user expressed her sadness as she covered her mouth in shock.

On a lighter note; @squidaciouscooch suggested that Spencer’s next daily scream will be the loudest one yet.

TikTok user named @camdonkey featured an old upload of Spencer’s in his recent video to address the breakup.

In Spencer’s previous video, he informed his mother that Luis had asked him to be his boyfriend.

After expressing her happiness, Spencewuah’s mother proceeded to state that if Luis breaks Spencer’s heart, she will kill him…

Do you think Luis has broken Spencer’s heart?

@dino.ki capitalised her text on TikTok and claimed that she needs answers surrounding the split.

Check out Spencewuah’s social media platforms and keep a look-out for any content regarding the breakup speculations!