TikTok: “This is my land” song explored with lyrics and examples!

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The best way TikTok users show love of their friends is by using the song “These are my people, this is my land”.

So this amazing song deserves an exploration so that we can fully appreciate its lyrics and how it can be used on TikTok. So keep scrolling!

This is my land song explored

The song is named “Welcome to my house” and the credit for creating this song goes to Nu Breed and Jesse Howard. After the release of the song in December 2020, it has gained 25 million views in about 6 months (5th July 2021) on YouTube.

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But it was an even bigger hit on TikTok as it has been used in more than 180k videos so far. It is mainly used to show the kind of people that users surround themselves with. You can show off your crowd and who you call “your people” or display “your land”.

There is also a hashtag trending #thisismyland and #thesearemypeople both of which has 1.6 and 7.2 million views so far.

This is a very inspiring song to denote your love for your house, your homeland, and your family. It shows your loyalty and how others will never understand what it is like to be a part of your community.

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Ya’ll be comin’ in, now your backin’ out. It’s hard to talk big, with a shotgun in your mouth.
I’m glad you brought your friends, they can watch it go down,
I got mine too, so welcome to my house.
‘Cause these are my people. and this is my land. This is what we prayed for, and this is God’s plan.
And if you ain’t from here, then you won’t understand.
This is my country, yeah this is who I am, so Welcome to my house. Welcome to my house.

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Imma stand up for mine, you better believe it. ‘Cause today won’t be your day,
I can guarantee it. You should turn and walk away and get to leavin’,
‘fore i let my 12-gauge do all my speakin’. Don’t push me on the edge, boy.
‘Cause I’m aimin’ at your head, boy. And all I see is red, boy. I told you not to cross that line.
I’m givin’ you a chance, boy. You see the Devil in a glance, boy.
Shotgun knock you out your pants, boy. I told you not to fuck with mine. Lord have mercy. Lord have mercy.

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I got a baby girl inside this house and right now she’s sound asleep.
So it’s probably best for the both of us if you just turn around and leave.
‘Cause if you come in this fuckin’ house then you too gonna go to sleep.
I promise you, boy, don’t play with me. I pray to God my soul to keep,
especially this day in age. Gotta handle shit our own way, with a 30-30 or a 12-gauge.
Behind this door your Hell awaits. My ol’ lady, she rides too, pickin’ up every shell case, mopin’ up these bloodstains,
but she doesn’t see a damn thing. Most of my people are convicts,
hard-headed no-nonsense. So please approach with caution.
You never know whos watchin’. You never know what’s on the other side of that front door and you knockin’.
Might step out like (pew, pew) Mother fuckers get to droppin’. All the neighbors heard was the dog barkin’.
The sun was going down, it was gettin’ dark and I told the Sheriff it ain’t no problems man I was just taking out the garbage.
So if you don’t mind please excuse me, I’m with the family trying to watch a movie.
I’m sure you got better things to do, so I’ll let you go on, get back to doin’ em’.

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♬ Welcome to My House – Nu Breed & Jesse Howard

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♬ Welcome to My House – Nu Breed & Jesse Howard

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♬ Welcome to My House – Nu Breed & Jesse Howard

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♬ Welcome to My House – Nu Breed & Jesse Howard