TikTok: Turtleneck and Blazer song explained with 5 funny examples!

Screenshot from @yourpal_austin TikTok

TikTok’s latest trend involves the turtleneck and blazer song and users are wondering just what this tune is really about!

In this article, we do not only explore the turtleneck and blazer song, but also delve into the origin of the tune along with providing incredible TikTok examples. Continue reading to find out all about this trending sound and how you can get involved!


And now for something we can all agree on! Welcome to all you newcomers. Glad to have you here! #original_sound

♬ original sound – Austin Archer

Turtleneck and Blazer TikTok song explained

Turtlenecks and blazers seem to be the craze on TikTok after @yourpal_austin uploaded a short sketch followed by a song he created.

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And now for something we can all agree on! Welcome to all you newcomers. Glad to have you here! #original_sound

♬ original sound – Austin Archer

This musical creator has now gained over one million views on the popular upload along with 145.7K likes, #winning.

In the video, Austin is asked by a female friend what he would like to wear, to which he responds with the same question.

The pair then begin to nod and discretely agree on an outfit as the music kicks in.

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They are then shown sporting a turtleneck and blazer while singing along to the T&B tune.

Austin describes the outfit as being “on point like a laser”.

After the catchy lyrics are repeated multiple times, the singer then uses the terms ‘sexy’ and ‘sophistication’ to address this particular outfit.

He also musically-explains that the turtleneck and blazer combination can be worn by any gender, with any profession.

The popular TikTok hashtag #turtleneckandblazer currently has 281.1K views and features all sorts of T&B content.

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Origin of the Turtleneck and Blazer song

Creator of this now-famous TikTok trend is Austin Archer.

As a singer-songwriter along with a fake comedian and much more, @yourpal_austin currently has 135.7K followers on TikTok along with 1.9 million likes in total.

The artist’s website bio describes him as a freelance artist for hire in Los Angeles, CA.

With more than 20 years of professional experience as an actor, singer-songwriter, director/choreographer, and scriptwriter, Archer boasts a breadth of expertise in a wide variety of forms.

Spotify describes Austin Archer as being known for his genre-shifting brand of songwriting which explores themes of self-doubt, departure from faith, recovery from addiction, and the artistic process.

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Austin uploaded the T&B video to TikTok on 4th January 2021.

So, where did the trend start?

The turtleneck and blazer combo immediately presents you as sophisticated, Austin even stated that in his song, right?

Therefore, it seems as though T&Bs can be used to address drama and get your point across.

Austin has since duetted a TikTok user whom he believed to be racist and created a short song explaining just why.

User named @frankie.v.tv commented on the video with the statement:

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“As soon as I see ✨turtleneck and blazer✨ I know it’s about to go dooooooowwwn”

Austin’s popular song has even secured him a feature on the television!

Of course, he then created a tune about his experience going on the TV wearing a T&B.

5 hilarious TikTok examples

@yourpal_austin commented on his original-viral video with the request:


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Since then, many users have interacted with the sound and shown off their T&B combinations.

Kevin Chamberlin; broadway, TV and Film star, best known for his role as Bertram on Disney Channel’s “Jessie” (@chamberlin_kevin) used the sound and outfit in his viral upload.


Finally something we can all agree on #turtleneckandblazer #boybandchallenge 🎶 @yourpal_austin 👯‍♂️ @timdhooper & @chattypilot #fyp #king

♬ original sound – Austin Archer

Austin then duetted Kevin’s video in shock.


#duet with @chamberlin_kevin oh… my… GAWD 🤩🥳😍

♬ original sound – Austin Archer

Detroit Lions (@detroitlions); the official NFL Team of the Hamsters 🐹, also got involved in this fun trend by featuring footage of various sportsmen rocking their turtleneck and blazer outfits!

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Another TikTok user named @darbara.xlsm displayed the T&B combo in a video using the sound.


Thank you @yourpal_austin for this magnificent audio. We want more sapphic women on this trend #turtleneckandblazer #wlw #wintermagic #lesbiancouple

♬ original sound – Austin Archer

User named @whatisnikwearing also took to TikTok to show off their funky turtleneck and blazer attire.

Check out the turtleneck and blazer song to try out this crazy TikTok trend for yourself!