TikTok: Check out Ted Cruz’s daughter’s shocking content

Screenshot from TikTok @tucctok

Kids say the d*rndest things but so do parents and it seems like Caroline Cruz is not letting her father get away with anything.

Rafael Edward Cruz, more commonly known as Ted Cruz, is an attorney serving as a junior Senator for Texas since 2003. Recently, when Texas was going through a catastrophic power outage, he boarded a flight to Cancún thinking no one would notice.

What really happened…

This little getaway became major news on 18th February as an elected official ran away to go on a beach vacation while abandoning millions of his constituents on their own, some of whom were freezing to death.

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It looked really bad for him so he thought he could release a statement that could make this better and you wanna know what he said? He explained that his daughters made him do it.

Basically, we cannot criticize his actions because it was his kids’ fault regardless of the fact that they both are 10 and 12 years old and he is 50 (born on 22nd December 1970).

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Being “a good dad” doesn’t mean that you abandon all your responsibilities and fulfill any and every demand that your kids have.

This #fatheroftheyear was not getting away with what he did, not from the media and not from his daughter Caroline.

Caroline Cruz’s TikTok account

Ted Cruz has 2 daughters – Caroline and Catherine. Caroline was born in 2008 and is about 12 years old right now (2021).

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Her TikTok account is @tucctok and she is posting a lot about her father being pathetic (her words).

Although she has been on TikTok since June 2019, she is getting a lot of clout due to recent events and videos.

She has posted a lot about “Sex And The City” and is known to do collaborations with @OMFGrant, @whatsupimgabe, @lucyrosealexandra, etc.

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What I would have happen on sex and the city’s new season part 4 – Do you believe in life after Big? #satc #carriebradshaw #kimcattrall

♬ original sound – Caroline Cruz

What she has to say about Ted Cruz

She has posted 3 videos where she calls Ted Cruz “pathetic” and another video where she says, “You think you can hurt me? My dad flew to Cancun during a snowstorm and abandoned his constituents and blamed it on me and my sister”.

Caroline captioned this video with “I’m bulletproof that’s all I’ll say about the subject”.

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I’m bulletproof that’s all I’ll say about the subject #cruzinforabruzin #tedcruzisthezodiackiller

♬ Bulletproof – La Roux

She uses #tedcruzisthezodiackiller regularly in videos about her dad which tells all we need to know about her relationship with Mr. Cruz. Check out her series on Ted Cruz below and share your thoughts on the matter.


I may start a new series where every day I just highlight pathetic things about Ted Cruz #cruzinforabruzin #tedcruzisthezodiackiller #texas


your daily reminder that Ted Cruz is pathetic going strong day 3 #cruzinforabruzin #tedcruzisthezodiackiller

♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) – Danilo Stankovic