Who is TikTok star Jake Fuller from MTV Catfish? Social media handles revealed!

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The latest episode of MTV Catfish revolved around TikTok star Jake Fuller. Who is this new social media personality?

Catfish is an American reality television show about the truths and lies of online dating airing on MTV every Wednesday night. The show has eight seasons so far.

In the latest episode, we got introduced to a TikTok star named Jake Fuller. Here’s everything you need to know about Jake.

Who is Jake Fuller?


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Jake Fuller is a 19-year-old American TikTok star and social media personality.

He’s from St Louis, Missouri and currently attends the University of Tennessee.

Jake has 1.3 million followers on his TikTok account @itsnotjakefuller, where he is popular for his comedy, dance and lip-syncs videos.

When Jake isn’t on TikTok or studying, he’s sharing what he’s getting up to on his Instagram profile @itsnotjakefuller where he has almost 83k followers.

Jake loves experimenting with his hair as he dyes it different colours. Recently he dyed his hair purple, but the colour is now fading from what he showed on his Instagram stories.

What colour will Jake dye his hair next? Follow him here to find out first.

What happened in the Catfish episode?

Jake appeared on the latest episode of the reality show Catfish on MTV that was filmed a year ago, pre-Covid.

In the episode, Jake explains how a girl he met online, named Taylor, would cover her camera whilst they FaceTimed, ghost him repeatedly and even send him money; Jake turned to the Catfish crew for help to figure out who Taylor really was.

It turns out that Taylor’s real name is Amanda, who admitted that she catfished Jake because she was never good at socialising and was bullied in high school. That led her to pay influencers like Jake to talk to her.

However, Jake wasn’t innocent as he took the money she offered him, and Amanda felt that Jake took advantage of her. Jake admitted that he shouldn’t have taken her money and shared on his Instagram stories that this happened a year ago and that he’s a different person now.