TikTok: What is Young Thug’s Ski Challenge? Here’s how you can join!

Screenshot from TikTok @Young Thug

A lot of celebs and rappers are recently joined Young Thug’s Ski Challenge on TikTok. This trend is suddenly getting a lot of attention.

Ski challenge has nothing to do with skiing and everything to do with a song made by Young Thug and Gunna. Lets explore this song and get to know the trend.

Ski Challenge song lyrics

Wheezy outta here
Tsunami warning
Spider, SEX
Yeah, yeah (Woo), yeah (Woo), yeah
Yeah (Yeah), yeah, yeah (Yeah), yeah

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The price I want for a show, you ‘gon need three promoters (Woo)
I got the body from Jamelli’s, but I had switched the motor (Skrr)
I got these bad ass b**ches riding ’round this b**ch and they all the coldest (Yeah)
I just told her make a store run (Yeah)
I just bought all the Trojans (Yeah), yeah (Yeah)
I told her stay out my mentions (Yeah)
I told her stop telling everything shе seen and told ’em meet me at the Ritz (Lеt’s go)
I got baguettes in the back of my ring and I wasn’t even tryna hit (Tryna hit)
I told her she gotta run through the team before she get tossed to the Lear (‘Fore she get tossed to the Lear, yeah)
Lamb chop, I just pulled up with some food I told lil’ mama tie all my shoes (My shoes)
Showed her two million cash, now she woozy (Woah)
Twenty watches and I’m still snoozin’
I had came up out the trenches, then I had beat a few bodies like Boosie
She said, “You murk ’em, I show you my coochie”
I had to sing to the spot [?] lil ‘toosie

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, ski
Tsunami warning
Yeah, yeah, ski, yeah, yeah, let’s go
b**ch got a Backwood on her nightstand, she must be f**kin’ with Gunna (Yeah, yeah)
I f**k with slatts and we come to eat racks and I came with some f**kin’ piranhas (Yeah)

I got a biscotti, I got [?] need somebody grow me a tree (Tree)
Came out the hood, now my trunk got a hood
Now I cook up the car with no keys
Beat it, she feel a [?], she got hit at the [?]
I’m feeling a ‘lil rich this week, flown in my family, cannot be cheap (Be cheap)
I tote an FN on me [?] and [?] Glock [?]
[?] sexy, you locked in Cs
Roll in that coupe with the Birkin seats [?] football cleat [?] 4 door [?]
Count up the plug and you know what I need
Stay underneath so we hard in these streets (Yeah)
I’m in New York counting shmoney (Yeah)
Ain’t the slime man, but I’m stuntin’ (Yeah) Wunna, these thots wanna love me (Yeah)
But I can’t do no lovey-dovey (Woo)

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Yeah, yeah (Woo), yeah, yeah (Ski)
Yeah, yeah (Ski), yeah, yeah (Let’s go)
b**ch had an ash stain on her jeans, I know she f**king with Thugger (Yeah, yeah)
I f**k with slatts and we come to eat racks, and I came with some f**kin’ piranhas (Yeah)

Here’s how to join this TikTok challenge

Young Thug (@thuggerthugger1) uploaded a snippet of his Ski song with a dance routine on TikTok on 28th March 2021. This started the Ski Challenge that a lot of celebs and rappers are joining in.

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To join this challenge, all you have to do is use the Ski song and copy Young Thug’s moves and that’s it. You are in the trend now!

You should also check out the full version of his song and all the attempts made by TikTokers before trying it out yourself.

The hashtag #skichallenge has already gained more than 28 million views and it has just been three weeks since the trend started. This challenge is gaining more and more traction everyday so this is the best time to attempt it.

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Best TikTok attempts


Tag 5 friends to do the #skichallenge reposting the best ones 🐍🔥 @quavohuncho @thuggerthugger1 #fyp #foryou

♬ Ski – Young Stoner Life & Young Thug & Gunna