TikTok: ‘mmm’ trend explained as there are two meanings!

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TikTok’s full of new meaning and trends every day and ‘mmm’ is the new trend everyone’s been hoping on recently. Find out what it means and hilarious examples!

TikTok not only is full of dancers and lip singers but is also home to some of the weirdest meanings and sayings. This time TikTok newest phrase is ‘mmm’ find out what it means, who started it, and the videos behind it.

Where does ‘mmm’ come from?

The actions that go along with the ‘mmm’ sound come from anime shows.

Anime is a Japanese style of film and television animations, the characters use very exaggerated movements and facial expressions. So the ‘mmm’ sound is done dramatically with an eye roll and sticking your tongue out. Usually, the person in TikTok is using their arms to create dramatic movements and when the sound ‘mmm yeah’ appears, the eye roll and sticking their tongue out is the action that goes with it.

The term used to describe this action is ‘ahegao’, which is a Japanese term for a sexual facial expression.

The ‘mmm’ song on TikTok

The song played in the TikToks is called no lie by Jxkk, it’s a remix of the song and now used in a lot of anime videos on TikTok.

Meaning of ‘mmm’ on TikTok

If you didn’t know anime is a very exaggerated animation, where facial expression is everything that makes the show, and the ‘mmm’ on TikTok is being used to display a sexual facial expression, the tongue out and the eye roll is what they do to show it.

‘Mmm’ is known as a sound of pleasure and contentment or in a form of agreement like ‘mmm yeah I get what you mean’. However, on TikTok, the videos created are definitely not agreeing with someone when using their dramatic facial expressions.

How to get involved with the trend

Start by emphasizing every move you make. In anime, you don’t just do a simple wave to say hello, it’s much more dramatic with a whole lot of facial expressions added on.

So if you’re not rolling your eyes, moving your eyebrows, twitching your nose and waving your hands like crazy in the air, then don’t even both trying to recreate anything anime.

The second ‘mmm’ challenge on TikTok explained

Not only is there the anime challenge but TikTok has two trending ‘mmm’ sounds and here’s the meaning for the second one. The challenge goes to the song Adress it by LPb Poody.

The lyrics in the TikTok:

“Bitch, I got it off the muscle
He wanna fight, I don’t tussle
Uh, I’m talkin’ ’bout
Mm, mm, mm, mm
Mm, mm, mm, mm
Mm, mm, mm, mm
Mm, mm, mm, mm”

The challenge is a screen recording of text messages between two people, they type the lyrics in the song and with each ‘mm’ they send a photo of a person or a thing they think is attractive it can be food, people, place anything! The mmm sound describes the contentment or pleasure they get from seeing these attractive people.

The original TikTok was made by creator @dollmariaj and the video got 1.5 million views.


lmao did you expect the end tho…😗🥰 ceo of not having a type.💀 w/ @catchmyash #mmmchallenge

♬ original sound – mariajosé🌙

Since thousands of videos have been recreated between friends sharing who they find attractive, you can tell one has more of a type than the other!


It took me 10 tries to get this screen recording 💀 @fabioguerrrraa

♬ original sound – mariajosé🌙

Step by step tutorial

Start by sending a photo of yourself with the caption “bitch i got it off the muscle”.

The second person then also sends a selfie but with the caption “he wanna fight I wanna tussle” and follow one by one to the “mmm” lyric of people you find attractive.

To create the TikTok screen record your messages to show when the lyrics are sung and then all that’s left to do mmm challenge on TikTok is post it!