TikTok’s chicken made of flour and water – shocking reactions and reviews!

Screenshot from TikTok of @futurelettuce

Everyone on TikTok is losing it over a fake chicken recipe with the platform now is ablaze with reviews and reactions.

Vegans do not eat any products obtained from animals, which not only includes meat and eggs but also dairy products like milk and cheese. Instead, they find creative alternatives to have delicious food without harming animals and share these recipes in their vegan community. But is this vegan chicken worth a try? Read more to find out.

Viral video of chicken made of flour and water

Here is the video that started everything. What you will need to make the vegan alternative of chicken is just flour and water according to this TikToker @futurelettuce.

They have 36k followers and are promising a “lettuce reveal” when the count reaches 40k.

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You have to knead the flour with water and let it rest for a while. Then knead it again but in a bowl filled with water. Strain out the water once it’s done and add seasoning.

Let it rest for an hour and then twist it like it is shown in the video. Fry it until it is brown and add vegetable stock. After letting it simmer for about 45 minutes, it will be ready to be eaten.

This video has received eight million views and more than a million likes in just four days since it has been posted on 20th February 2021.

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TikTok reactions and reviews to the “fake chicken”

TikTokers are commenting non-stop on this video and there is a huge divide as to how good it is.

Some are just perplexed that a chicken alternative is being made out of flour.

Brittany Koogler’s comment – D-did you just turn flour into shredded chicken?

But then there were users who loved this alternative.

Solana commented “this looks so gooddd”

The comment section was mostly about hating on vegans and others defending veganism.

Keeping our thoughts on veganism aside, we can all agree that the end result looked good and worth trying out.

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