TikTok Trend Meat Free Monday – What Does It Mean?

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Do you like scrolling through delicious recipes on TikTok, that are simple and fast to make, which help us a lot in our everyday life? This is the most popular hashtag Meat Free Monday 🌿. Meat Free Monday or Meatless Monday offers us quite tasty recipes, but with a small twist.

The twist for Meat Free Monday is that you CAN’T USE MEAT. 🥩

What are the benefits of Meat Free Monday ?

Meatless Monday is an international campaign that has become a viral trend on TikTok. Тhe goal is to eat vegetarian food every Monday in order to reduce global warming, in a way that will reduce the consumption of meat and meat products.

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More about this explains the young tiktoker Solana @solanathegreenfairy. She invites all other TikTok users to join this trend, in order for a better future.

”One of the most effective ways that we can help combat climate crisis is by reducing meat and dairy consumption.

There’s a common misconception that we have to completely eradicate meat and dairy from my diet in order to help. But did you know that if everyone in the UK had one day a week where they eat plant-based meals? The greenhouse gas emissions would reduce by over 550 million tons a year. Which is equivalent to us taking 16 million cars off of the road.

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This is why I want to introduce you guys to Meat Free Mondays.

Obviously, not everyone is able to fully convert to vegetarianism/veganism due to health conditions (or other personal reasons!). However, that does not mean that you cannot still help out!

I challenge you to have one day a week where you only eat-plant based meals! ,,             

Is It Just For Vegetarians?

Vegetarianism is a whole culture when people not only change their attitude towards food but also about life in general. Many people believe that vegetarian food is boring and tasteless. But in fact, there are many delicious dishes that are cooked without meat, and that is shown in this trend named Meat Free Monday.

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TikTok’s Newest Trend – Meat Free Monday / Meatless Monday

Vegetarianism has become very popular in the world, and of course on TikTok. 4.2 million videos titled “Meat Free Monday” are the new TikTok trend. This is the most used hashtag.

Young and adult tiktokers, vegetarians, and non-vegetarians alike support this trend and the campaign Meatless Monday, by posting delicious vegetarian recipes every Monday. These recipes look so delicious. There are various recipes such as pumpkin soup, meatless meatballs, vegan burritos, and others.

These are just a few of the many recipes made by users of the hashtag #MeatFreeMonday. Or the so-called Meatless Monday campaign.

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Take a look at these delicious dishes below, try the recipes and join this trend with the hashtag #MeatFreeMonday 😋

Mushroom Stroganoff by @healthylivingjames

Vegan Burger Wrap by @tstastesandtravels

Vegan Bolognese by @poweredbyplantsnutrition

Lasagna by @nowandzenyoga

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