What is the meaning of “MLM” on TikTok?

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The meaning of MLM is taken to be “multi-level marketing” everywhere but what does it mean on TikTok? Scroll below to find out.

What does MLM mean on TikTok?

MLM on TikTok stands for “Man love men”. It is used in hashtags like #mlm to denote that the video is about gay men.

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MLM also means “Mexican Lives Matter” on TikTok based on the context. It was used in several videos that show the inhuman way Mexicans were being treated in the USA and also in videos where the treatment of Mexican in the US was discussed. The hashtag was used a lot when the decision to put immigrant children in cages was made by former President Donald Trump.

You can check out the formal definition below given by the famous slang dictionary – the Urban Dictionary.

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Urban dictionary definition

Here’s what Urban Dictionary says about MLM –

MLM is abbreviation for (depending on the context) three different terms:
Multi-Level Marketing (basically pyramid schemes)
Men Loving Men (self-explanatory)
Marxism-Leninism-Maoism (synthesis of Maoism and classic MLism)
be sure to watch for context bc these are all obviously VERY different concepts (or else you’ll be pretty f*cking confused)
Example – person 1: *has MLM in their bio*
person 2: they must either be hot or a literal fraud

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An acronym that stands for male loves male, muslim lives matter, and multi-level-marketing.
Male loves male is males who are attracted to other males, example, bisexual, gay, and pansexual men. Trans guys are also included, since they’re in fact men, you imbeciles.
Muslim lives matter is a movement which brings equality to those who are muslim, similar to which the BLM movement aims to achieve.
Multi-level-marketing is pretty much just a scam.
(1st definition)
Example – Girl: Hey did you see Kevin over there, he was kissing Mark.
Girl 2: Yeah, he’s in the MLM community.
(2nd definition)
Guy: Have you heard about the muslim discrimination going on right now?
Person: Yeah, MLM.
(3rd definition)
Girl: Julie from highschool just messaged me on Facebook asking me to join her weight loss program?
Guy: Yeah, ignore it. It’s just a stupid MLM.

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