Tiktok No Bra Challenge; the Controversy of Dancing Braless

Tiktok no bra challenge
no bra challenge

TikTok never disappoints when it comes to challenges and dances. The TiKTok no bra challenge was one of the TikTok’s most entertaining and controversial challenges. In this challenge, young women took creativity to another level.

The TikTok no bra challenge requires a girl to remove her bra then perform a dance. The idea is to allow the boobs to move naturally and freely as she dances. She’s then supposed to record herself and post the video on TikTok.

Tiktok no bra challenge; girl dancing braless


Who Started the ‘No Bra’ Challenge?

On International Women’s Day in 2017, Lilly Singh started the first no bra challenge. Lilly is a presenter and a YouTube influencer. She wanted to appreciate all women for being powerful and strong in their own way. She challenged her colleagues to take part by tossing of their bras.

The TikTok no bra challenge could have been a recreation of Lilly’s 2017 ‘No Bra’ challenge. Lilly started the challenge for a worthy cause. However, TitTokers did the challenge for sheer fun and entertainment.

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The girls who took part in the challenge outdid themselves; literally. They recorded themselves as they danced braless. They then posted the videos to TikTok. TikTok was lit. No wonder the hashtag #brachallenge went viral for days on end.

TikTok no bra challenge video

How TiKTokers Reacted to the Challenge

TiKTokers reacted differently to the TikTok no bra challenge. Majority were thoroughly entertained by the challenge. They could not have enough of the sexy and raunchy dances. And of course they were happy to watch braless women.

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Other TikTokers scoffed at the challenge. They felt that the girls who participated in the challenge were trying to attract male admirers. Others felt that the women were clout chasing by posting sexy videos. Others told girls to stop showing their bodies and objectifying themselves for a moment of fame.


How some women reacted to the challenge

Many women supported the Tiktok no bra challenge. They claimed that the girls who took part in the challenge were not trying to attract men. It was all about freedom, women empowerment, and sisterhood.  

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Some of the girls who took part in the challenge said that they had no apologies to make. They said they just wanted to showcase their creativity. Others said that they wanted to look cool and get likes.

The TikTok no bra challenge was entertaining and controversial. Girls kept the internet alive with their creative and sexy videos. We look forward to another outrageous TikTok challenge soon.