Have you Googled what a ‘Rainbow kiss’ is yet?

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This is one of the TikTok trends you do not want to follow. All you will have to do is Google search “a rainbow kiss” in this one but…

Don’t! We know the first thing you will do when you read that you shouldn’t do this, that’s all you wanna do. But hear us out. We will explain the meaning without making it too gross and if you think you can take it then go ahead and see more on the topic yourself. But if you want to know what you have to brace yourself for, keep scrolling.

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What is the meaning of “A rainbow kiss” and why are TikTok users warning us not to search it?

If you search the hashtag on TikTok, #rainbowkiss has more than 14 million views on the platform. Suffice to say, it’s a trending topic and a big deal.

Most of the videos tell you that don’t find out what it means, especially if you have just eaten a meal as you will probably won’t be able to keep it in anymore. Then there are reaction videos showing what they feel after finding out the meaning and they all have only one thing to say – “I should have minded my own business”.

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So we hope that it is evident to you that this is not a cool thing to know about. Now that you are sufficiently warned, let’s go ahead and learn the meaning.

The Urban Dictionary explains it pretty succinctly –

When a guy gives head to a girl while she is having her period, and gets all the blood in his mouth. And a girl gives a guy head, and gets cum in her mouth.
Now when the guy/girl has blood/cum in their mouth, they kiss each other.
“Hey Melissa, say I give you head when you’re having your period, and then you give me head, and then we kiss after.”
by J* December 28, 2003

Basically, the guy gives the girl a mouthpiece whilst she’s subscribing to the monthly rags. She simultaneously gives him head till he shoots his load in her mouth. Once they have an adequate mouthful of each others bodily fluids, both participants rear up their heads and enjoy the different sensations that tickles their taste buds in a passionate kiss.
As it was the only way I was ever gonna get head off that frigid bitch I had to grit my teeth, cover my eyes and boldy go where no man has gone before.
by c0za April 08, 2005

Performing 69 while a woman is on her period. The man ejaculates in the woman’s mouth and the two kiss, the menstrual blood and semen mixing to form a beautiful rainbow of colour.
We shared the most beautiful rainbow kiss last night… This girl is really special.
by Cunny January 24, 2005