TikTok: Here’s the link to the human emotion quiz! Which emotion are you?

Photo by Tengyart on Unsplash

The viral quiz on TikTok right now in June of 2022 is the human emotion quiz. We have provided the link below so you can take it as well.

Have you ever wondered if you and your personality can be boiled down to just one emotion then which one would it be? This quiz gives you a very accurate answer (according to the TikTok users who have joined the trend).

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Here’s what you will have to do to join the trend. Go to the personality test on the Uquiz website by clicking on this link. This website is for users to create their own quizzes and let others use them. So this one was made by @arixxcn as mentioned on the page.

There are eleven simple questions for you to answer that will take you about two minutes to finish. Once you are done, you can check the result.

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If you are planning to join the TikTok trend, then we would recommend recording your reaction while reading the results for the first time.


Sounds about right 🥹 #fyp #emotions #humanemotion

When you are posting the video, don’t forget to use the hashtag #humanemotion. It has more than two million views and you can increase it more by joining the trend.

Also, make sure to add this audio track to your post as that’s what everybody in this trend is doing. You can also choose to stand out by picking a different tune related to your results.

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Once you are done with the quiz, you can let us and our readers know in the comments below how accurate the results were and what are your thoughts on it.

These results may end up changing your behavior or making certain behaviors noticeable that were previously automated. Being conscious of your behaviour is very important as it can help you change and grow.

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It is said that most of our behaviors and attitudes are automated. That means that if you are unhappy or incapable of reaching your goals, some self-introspection is in order, and observing yourself regularly can be the solution.