What Does Comphet Mean in TikTok; What You Should Know

What Does Comphet Mean in TikTok

Is it true that all women are attracted to men? This is the big question that some TikTok users are asking women. The hashtag #comphet has been trending for a while. More than 61 million TitTok users have viewed the word recently. So, what does comphet mean on TikTok?

Comphet is the short form for compulsory heterosexuality. A heterosexual person is only sexually attracted to a person of the opposite sex, right? Now, compulsory heterosexuality (comphet) is the assumption that every woman is heterosexual.

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What does comphet mean in TikTok: Who Coined the Word Comphet

Adrienne Rich coined and made the word Comphet popular in 1980. This was in an essay she wrote. It was titled, ‘Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence’. Adrienne was a feminist, essayist, and poet. Her point was that society believes and assumes that all women are attracted to men. Rich wanted to prove that this is not always the case.

Angeli Luz posted a PDF pamphlet titled “Am I a Lesbian?” This was in 2018 and she was a teen. The title of the first chapter was, “What is Compulsory Heterosexuality?” The pamphlet went viral. It has recently resurfaced online. Thus, the question what does comphet mean in TitTok has become popular. This is what Angeli had to say:

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“Compulsory heterosexuality is like heteronormativity — the assumption that straight is the default,” Luz said. “We’re trained from birth to believe that we will find someone of the other binary gender, fall in love, have sex, etc. In a million tiny ways we’re taught that only relationships with the other binary gender are valid. (And if you’re not one of the binary genders this can be even more confusing.)”


What does comphet mean in TikTok; the thoughts of some compulsory heterosexuality critiques

· Some women are bisexual but think they are heterosexual because of societal

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· Women are not always naturally inclined to Heterosexuality.

· Straight is not always the default setting in a woman.

· A woman learns that only a relationship with a man is valid.

· People practice Heterosexuality out of habit.

· Our culture tries to force us to be straight.

· Comphet denies a woman her sexuality and forces her into domestic roles.

What does comphet mean in TikTok; signs of comphet

Some signs of comphet; according to some TikTok users

· You feel nauseous whenever you get intimate with a guy

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· As a young girl, you kissed your girlfriends.

· Whenever you become intimate with a guy, you feel bored

· Only falling for celebrities and fictional men

· Liking a guy until he likes you back


“What does comphet mean in TikTok”

How comphet affects bisexual women

Compulsory Heterosexuality forces bisexuals to be straight. It also makes the queer women question their sexual identity. Such women remain confused about their sexual orientation.

Comphet also discriminates and oppresses queer women just like classism, body shaming, ableism, and racism do. A bisexual woman may thus end up living a miserable life.

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The question, ‘what does comphet mean in TikTok’ is good. It may help some women figure out their sexual identity. It looks like the question is here to stay as people look for more answers.