TikTok: Is @lottiejmusic cancelled? Singer apologies for live-stream slip-up!

Screenshot from @lottiejmusic TikTok

Lottie J, the 17-year-old singer and TikTok creator, recently used racial slurs while live-streaming.

Some viewers are outraged by her use of language, especially given her large audience she should be influencing.

Does this mean she could be cancelled? Read below to hear her response and how fans have reacted.

Who is Lottie J?

Lottie Jenkins is a British singer, song-writer, and DJ who rose to TikTok fame after joining as a creator.

With 399.5K followers along with 7.5 million likes in total, Lottie (@lottiejmusic) is known by her audience for engaging in the latest trends, along with posting singing videos and much more.

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Her musical talent started at the age of eight and she began performing at the age of 12. One of her earliest songs, titled “Kiss Your Old Life Away” has reached the final 10 of The Song Academy’s annual competition and the teen has now gained 698 monthly streamers on Spotify (@Lottie J).

What did she say on TikTok?

While singing an explicit song on @lewisblissettox ‘s TikTok Livestream, Lottie sang lyrics containing the n-word.

The singer then recognised her fault and quoted:

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“I just said the n-word on live. LOL”

Lottie J’s boyfriend, @joshypayne2, was live-streaming on TikTok (Wednesday 13th January) as she jokingly called him a “selfish n-word”.

With 230 users viewing the livestream, it didn’t take long for a screen-recording to circle the internet.

Is Lottie J ‘cancelled’?

Since the recorded clip of the live stream has been circling TikTok, Lottie J has posted two apology videos.

Despite deleting her first apology video, the creator has apologised for the insincerity regarding the first recording and proceeded to express her regret about her awful language.

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This isn’t me trying to look sincere or saying it because I’ve been caught this is me genuinely realising the pain I have caused.

♬ original sound – Lottie J
@lottiejmusic ‘s apology video.

@alexplattxx, the TikTok creator with 188.7K followers along with a total of 5.6 million likes, took to her platform to express her thoughts on the situation.

Alex quoted:

“Every single time a creator gets exposed for being a racist, they all use the same lines.”

TikTok shared by @alexplattxx

TikTok creator, @camerondade_ also posted a video reacting to the apology video and expressing his disgust, which has now gained 238.6K views.

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they’re both just as bad as each other 🤢 I wasn’t gunna address it however I’m sick of seeing these scripted apologies

♬ original sound – Camerondade
Reaction video shared by @camerondade_

The teen’s shocking language has turned many supporters against her, suggesting she could possibly be involved in the ‘cancel culture’ of social media.

What do you think? Has Lottie J’s lack of respect earned her the rights to be cancelled?