Jay Alvarrez and his coconut oil broke TikTok – here’s why!

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You may have seen that hundreds of TikToks referencing coconut oil are taking over your for you page.

It definitely has nothing to do with a new cooking trend, and here’s why Jay Alvarrez is involved. 

Who is Jay Alvarrez?

Jay Alvarrez is 25-year-old American social media influencer and model who shot to fame when he began sharing photos of his luxury travel destinations and involvement in extreme sports. 

He has over 1.2 million YouTube subscribers where he shares footage of him involved in extreme sports such as skydiving and scuba diving.

The model has a huge 6.3 million followers on Instagram, and he also formerly dated social media star Alexis Ren. 

What has he got to do with coconut oil?

The news about a video involving Alvarrez and coconut oil was leaked on Logan Paul and Mike Majlak’s Impaulsive podcast. They say that a fan had contacted them about a video involving the model. 

The video allegedly shows Alverrez being intimate with Russian model Sveta Bilyalova, in the background of the leaked footage ‘Pass the Dutch’ by Missy Elliot is playing. 

In the leaked footage Alvarrez heats up coconut oil in a kettle before pouring it on the model, hence why the #coconutoil has over 104 million views on TikTok.  

Best TikTok reactions

Many fans have taken to TikTok to show their reaction to the leaked footage with many making memes about buying coconut oil, others have made videos questioning how he thought heating up the oil in the kettle would be a good idea in the first place. 

Here are some of the funniest Coconut oil videos on TikTok right now.


i said what i said #fyp #coconutoil #hollisterco #HolidayMusic #Alexislied

♬ Pass That Dutch (Freestyle) – El Gant


WHY WAS IT A MUSIC VIDEO #coconutoil #jayalvarrez

♬ original sound – ev


that video…. sheeeeshhh. HOT✨ #coconutoil #jayalvarrez #iykyk

♬ original sound – xxtristanxo