Who is YouTuber DONLAD? Net worth, real name and age!

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Popular YouTuber DONLAD has gained just under 500 thousand subscribers since launching his channel in 2019, the young content creator posts lifestyle and prank videos that get thousands of views,  here is everything you need to know about the star. 

DONLAD: Real name and age

The 14-year-old YouTubers’ real name is Donald Dougher, his birthday is the 16th of July 2006, and he lives in the United States.

He created his YouTube channel in August of 2019 and his first video is titled ‘Q&A what my dad does for work and more’ which has over 227,000 views. 

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DONLAD’s first ever YouTube Upload.

Who is his girlfriend? 

He has just under 200,000 followers on Instagram and he has recently been posting photos with his girlfriend, 13-year-old actress Indigo Star who has 689,000 followers on Instagram.

Indigo is known for being in TV shows such as , betrayed and haunted house. She also dances and was part of the Kidz Bop. 

What is his net worth? 

Since creating his Youtube channel he has been called ‘The richest kid in America’. 

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Donalds net worth is thought to be around $55,000 dollars, in relation to the number of views his videos get and how many followers he has. For 14 years old he’s doing pretty well for himself.

The rising star is only going to become more successful as time goes on.