Who is Nathan Fielder? TikTok finally discovers Nathan For You!

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Nathan Fielder is a Canadian comedian, actor and writer who starred in and co-created the television series ‘Nathan For You’.

The series ran for a total of four seasons and finally ended in 2018. Even though the show ended some time ago TikTok seems to have just discovered it, and people are falling in love with Nathan Fielder more every day.

Screenshot, Youtube – Comedy Central

Who is Nathan Fielder?

He was born in Canada in 1983, he is best known for the series Nathan For You. 

The series focuses on Nathan who is a business school graduate and consultant who tries to come up with new successful business ideas, his character is very socially awkward, and his confidence gets worse as the series goes on as most of his ideas fail. 

Why is TikTok obsessed with him? 

On the 27th of November 2020 a Youtube video was posted of Nathan Fielder and John Wilson talking about the creation of the series ‘How to with John Wilson’ 

This recent YouTube upload sparked people to start rewatching the ‘Nathan for You’ series that first aired in 2013. 

As people are watching more of ‘Nathan for You’ thousands of TikTokers have fallen in love with Nathan’s awkward character and have made videos dedicated to showing him their affection. 

The hashtag #nathanfielder has over 2.1 Million views on TikTok and Nathans Instagram account has 343 Thousand followers, despite only posting four times this year. 

Many of the videos on TikTok are dedicated to letting Nathan know that he is their celebrity crush. 

Best Nathan Fielder TikToks


#greenscreen Nathan…. If you’re seeing this…. I love you 💕😔#nathanforyou #nathanfielder #doilooklikeastalker?

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♬ Big Girls Don’t Cry – Regina Avenue


Nathan Fielder has an ingenious flavor idea. #icecreamday

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