Meet TikTok star Armando Rubio: Age, relationship and five fast facts!

Screenshot , TikTok - @armanorub

If you have a TikTok account you will know that Armando Rubio is a young TikTok content creator who makes lip sync and dancing videos that have received over 66 million likes on his account @armanorub.

He began making TikToks in February 2020 and since then he has been getting more popular by the day. 

Who is Armando Rubio?

Armando is 15 years old with his birthday falling on the 28th of August 2005 and he lives in the United States. 

He is one of TikToks young rising stars with over 1.2 Million followers on TikTok and over 300 Thousand followers on his Instagram.

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♬ Me Estoy Enamorando – en Vivo – Marca Mp

What is his relationship status?

Armando Rubio posts videos on his YouTube channel that include his girlfriend who goes by the name Az.

They regularly create dancing videos on Instagram and TikTok and her TikTok account @b.dayanna_ has over 550 Thousand followers.

Five fast facts!

One of Armando’s earliest TikTok videos was a montage of all his school outfits.

He has created a Youtube channel for vlogging and making videos with his friends.

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He has created dance collaborations with Jancarlos Moreno.

He often involves his family in his Youtube videos.

His girlfriend is also becoming a TikTok sensation with over 17.5 Million likes.