WATCH: How to cut a pomegranate from TikTok’s viral hack video!

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If you think cutting up pomegranates is messy, you have been doing it wrong your whole life. Let TikTok teach you the right way!

Is cutting up a pomegranate a slow process for you that gets your hands sticky every time? It need not be anymore. We will share a trick to cut this juicy fruit up that is easy to learn, efficient and leaves none of the skin of the fruit.

People think TikTok is just about dance routines, lip-syncs and pranks but it has slowly become a place where you learn a lot of stuff that you wouldn’t have otherwise. People are sharing their tricks on a variety of things that you never even knew before. The trick of cutting up a pomegranate is just one of them!

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How to cut a pomegranate – as shown on TikTok!

Grab a paring knife and make little cuts to remove the top portion without touching the seeds below. Use the knife at a 45 to 90-degree angle to make this part easier. Once the top is off, you will see white lines that divide the fruit into segments.

Cut along those white edges till you reach the bottom of the fruit and press open the fruit. You might have to apply a bit of pressure to crack it open properly. Now de-seed the pomegranate by removing the skin from the seeds into a bowl of water.

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Once you are done with this process, all the white edges and the skin will be floating on the water surface that you can easily sweep off. This will leave you will the seeds in the water that you can strain and start eating.

The de-seeding process can also be done using a spoon. You can turn a segment upside down and whack the skin with a spoon so that the seeds will fall right off. Make sure to put a dish underneath though.

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After learning this hack, you will never have to worry about cutting the pomegranate in your favourite outfit as it won’t get stained. What’s the messiest way you have cut up a pomegranate? Share your story in the comments below.