How to share a tweet to an Instagram story – 2021 update!

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Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash @nate_dumlao

There’s no need to screenshot all the happening tweets and post them onto Instagram stories anymore. Twitter is enabling the sharing option between the two apps, hooray!

Social media platforms are not known for playing nice with each other and each wants to keep their users. But that has never stopped us from taking screenshots of tweets and posting on Instagram and vice versa. Now you can link up each tweet and share on Snapchat as well as Instagram and get more traction on each post.

This feature is enabled but not for everyone just yet. Twitter has rolled out this in one of the recent updates to some iOS users. So if you have an iPhone, you should check if you are one of the lucky few who gets to use this feature from the get-go.

How to share tweets on Instagram as stories

Open your Twitter account on your iPhone and find a public tweet that you would like to share on Instagram.

Tap on the share option below the tweet and scroll through the options until you get to the Instagram icon.

Selecting that option should take you to your Instagram account where you customize your stories. Here you can add stickers, change position or resize the tweet if you like. Once you are satisfied with the result, go on and share it with your friends as an Instagram story.

How to share tweets on Snapchat

Follow the same instructions and click on the Snapchat icon instead of Instagram’s icon.

No more poorly cropped tweets or tweets removed completely from the context that leads to misunderstanding. You can send the direct tweet to someone now and they can check the whole thread.

Will Twitter roll out this feature for Android users?

This feature is still in the testing phase and only available for a select few iOS users. It is unclear if this will be a permanent feature for everyone or not just yet. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and if you are an iPhone user, you should start making the most use of this feature right away.