How to do the Flash Warning trend on TikTok – K-pop actor at the ready!

Screenshot from TikTok ac of Taylor Nicole @_taylor.nicole_

With this trend, everyone can be a part of an anime or a K-pop sitcom. Here’s a chance to be on screen with your favourite K-pop actor!

TikTok is making dreams of so many fans come true of being on video with their favourite K-pop actor or being the actor. If you have any fantasies of shooting scenes with any particular actor or actress, here’s your chance to get in on the trend!

What is the flash warning trend on TikTok?

This recent trend of flash warning transitions involves fast transitions from the real-life video that the users are shooting to a scene from an anime or a K-pop clip and sometimes even to a viral video. The transition happens from a normal video taken from the camera to a flashy and colourful clip, all of which uses the song “Pyro (extended mix)” by Chester Young and Castion. Here are some examples of the trend –

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How to do the flash warning trend on Tiktok

Choose a video that you would like to imitate and download it. Before downloading, make sure it’s vertical. Trim the video to the part from which you want to use and save the video. You will have to download a video editing app for this process.

Now take a video of yourself acting out the moves of your character exactly the way it’s done in the original video. This may take a few tries but hang in there.

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Open the video editing app again and upload your video. Download the song used in this trend – “Pyro (extended mix)” by Chester Young and Castion and upload it in the video editing app as well.

Reduce the opacity of your original video to less than 60 and adjust the size and everything else to match your movements.


최애웹툰 최애캐릭터🥺❤️ #여신강림

♬ PYRO – Chester Young & Castion

Now split both videos and after arranging them, change the opacity to 100. Your video should start with you then your character video, back to you and back to the character video and so on. Each segment should last about 0.5 seconds.

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This trend requires you to put in more effort than the other TikTok videos when it comes to the editing part but being with your favourite star is worth all the editing!