What is the AS trend on TikTok? Here’s a guide to join it!

Screenshot from TikTok ac @adultswim

The most happening TikTok trend right now is Adult Swim. Let us explore what’s the AS trend all about and figure out how to join.

We can check out the best attempts, see where the trend originated from and how to join as well. If you are a fan of Adult Swim and their shows (we are talking about Rick and Morty and Final Space), then this is the trend for you!

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What is the AS trend on TikTok?

The trendsetter of the Adult Swim trend calls themselves VANO 3000 (@supvano). Even their bio shows off this fact on TikTok. This user has been posting videos with [adult swim] text in every video and the VANO – 3000 music.

This TikToker is very popular with 306k followers and most of the recent content has gotten amazing reach because of the trend. There is also a hashtag going on with the trend – #vano3000 and it has about 649 million views.

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Another hashtag that is trending along with this is #adultswim and #adultswimbump. So now you know which music and hashtags you need to pick to join this challenge.

But the reason why this is trending is because of the Adult Swim bumpers. Bumpers are small clips that are played before and after a commercial. At first, it was just some old people swimming in a pool and a lifeguard talking through a mic.

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But in 2003, they changed their logo to a very simple one – [adult swim] written in black and white colour. You will notice that this logo is sometimes put on some random things as well and fans loved that concept.

This is the new trend of putting [as] anywhere to show your love and support for this amazing channel that has brought us the best shows like Family Guy and Rick and Morty.

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Best attempts


I didn’t have adult swim as a kid, so idk if I did this trend correctly #adultswim #adultswimbump #bumper

♬ Running Away – VANO 3000 & BADBADNOTGOOD & Samuel T. Herring