What is Splinting on TikTok? Constipation relief trick trending now!

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TikTok finds new trends and weird tips and tricks every day. However, when it comes to how to go to the toilet best… well, that’s a new one.

Splinting is the newest addition to the toilet tips and tricks on TikTok – finds out more with Hashtag Hyena.

What is Splinting?

It’s a new trend for many on TikTok yet the viral tip is about how to relieve constipation for women.

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Splinting is described as the procedure used by women to help with bowel movements. It is done using a finger or tampon to press against the vaginal wall to evacuate stool during bowel movements.

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A TikTok was posted by @ambriaalicewalterfeild, replying to a comment about splinting. She described the process that when you’re constipated or your poop is a ‘turtle head’ and that you use splinting to ‘pop’ it out.

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The TikTok video now with 2.7million views and is trending with a lot of confused people in the comments. There is also a crowd of users duetting her video explaining that they knew this trick and were surprised that others didn’t.

Since then, ambriaalicewalterfeild has made multiple videos replying to comments about where and when it is used. It is known to be used in medical practice for women in labor – they do it so it doesn’t happen when the baby is coming out.

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Proper medical advice on splinting

Many doctors say vouch for the method and the procedure is a valid use in medical practice. If done properly then it is fine. However, if a woman is having to use the splinting methods every time she uses the bathroom then she should seek medical attention, as there could be something wrong.

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Doctors recommend ensuring your hands are clean and if it hurts not to use the splinting methods.

BuzzFeed’s very descriptive images go into detail about the advantages and disadvantages of splinting, how to do it properly and what to be careful of.

But if you’re manually pushing your poop out all the time, go see a doctor, that’s not good for you.

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