What is the Yung Trigga 800 video? Crazy Twitter reactions!

Image taken from unsplash.com

An explicit video posted by @yungtrigga800 is spiralling Twitter, and social media users are openly expressing their disturbance.

Here we explain the Yung Trigga 800 video to prevent you from watching it! Continue reading to find out why this viral footage really isn’t worth the watch.

What is the Yung Trigga video?

A Twitter user named @yungtrigga800 recently uploaded an explicit video onto their platform.

Inappropriate content is shown within the video as a man and women perform intimate acts.

The footage has now been removed from the app since it violated the Twitter rules.

Users then began to declare that they are unable to find the video.

@yungtrigga800 responded to another Tweet stating that he had previously pinned the video to his page.

Disturbed Twitter reactions

The original provider of this footage, @yungtrigga800, uploaded a meme which represents the state viewers are left in after witnessing the video.

Twitter user named @Imbabychulo explained that they now regret being nosey and wanting to watch the disturbing video.

As more rumours surrounding the contents of the video continue to circle the internet, many users become increasingly confused.

@AstronautKJ took to Twitter to address a rumour which claimed that the female involved may have not been alive.

User, @Entity156, communicated intense regret after watching the video using an emoji-meme.

Another shocked individual named @pluto03768493 used a funny meme to imply their surprise.

Other social media responses

However, it’s not just Twitter users who are scarred from this uncensored footage.

The contents of the explicit upload have been shared all over social media.

A popular TikTok hashtag, #yungtrigga800, currently has 46.4K views and is full of content regarding the situation.

TikTok user named @ifyoufindthissorry shared an upload indicating her regret for watching the inappropriate video.


it’s like nasty but if y’all wanna see them look on Twitter @ yungtrigga800 😭🤚🏻#fyp

♬ original sound – ‘NAY㊙️

Another TikToker, @nikkieginger, attempted to spread awareness of the disrespect shown in the video.


Worry about THAT. Let’s talk about CONSENT. #dobetter #YUNGTRIGGA800

♬ original sound – ‘NAY㊙️

Some users are yet to have watched the video and do not realise just how thankful they should be.

User named @noobev took to TikTok to display intense curiosity as they are unable to find the now-deleted video.

You should count yourself lucky if you did not witness the graphic footage.

So, lesson learnt; don’t give in to your curiosity when scrolling through Twitter!