What does “she/her” mean on Instagram bios?

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Most of Instagram profiles have “she/her”, “he/him”, or “they/them” in their bio. What does it mean? Why are people putting it in the bio?

Social media bios include hints about what kind of person the users are. It tells you about their personality, age, and even sense of humor.

Here is everything you need to know if you see “she/her” in an Instagram bio.

What does “they” mean on Instagram?

The pronoun “they” can be used when an individual decided not to describe themself via a certain gender, i.e she or he.

The term is now renown on definiton site such as Merriam-Webster, where “they” can now be used to describe one individuial person oppsoed to groups, alike the former meaning of the word.

For example, it means that I (this writer, Devanshi – hey ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป) can use “they” to describe myself instead of a pronoun such as she or he.

It is often used instead to stop people from assuming someone’s gender. This is also a huge step forward in supporting the LGBTQ+ community who prefer pronouns that are not based on the gender they were assigned at birth.

Why you may want to put pronouns in your bio

Just because you see a woman doesn’t mean that they want to be called a ‘she’. A lot of people prefer the pronoun ‘they’ as well.

It is important to not only respect that everyone has their own preferred pronouns but talking to people without assuming their gender should be normalized too.

How can we help make that happen? By doing simple things like putting up your preferred pronouns in your bio.

What does she/her mean on Instagram?

If a male puts “he/him” in their bio, it shows the fact that this person would like to be referred to as “he/him” no matter what your gender perception of this person is. He/him could a male from assigned to at birth or he/him could be using these pronouns for a number of other reasons.

It’s up to them, and helping clarify the pronoun they want to use in their Instagram bio makes it easier for everyone to get along without judgement, misconceptions or stereotypes.

Displaying your pronouns can aid in removing the stigma that trans people face – it normalizes non-binary pronouns and helps to end gender assumptions.

When trans people see other people freely sharing their preferred pronouns, it encourages them to be free and themselves.