TikTok: Who is Marcus DiPaola? Filming inside the Capitol building explained!

Screenshot from TiKTok ac of Marcus DiPaola @marcus.dipaola

Marcus DiPaola is a freelance field reporter using his skills on TikTok to inform everyone by posting breaking news after witnessing them live

Marcus DiPaola has a lot of experience working as a news anchor and he is using this experience to show us the reality of the breaking events. All he wants is to inform the new generation who do not read the news because they hit a paywall on all news websites.

What does Marcus DiPaola do?

Marcus DiPaola is sharing live footage of riots and other breaking events by shooting the videos himself and sharing them on TikTok. His videos are going viral and are being used in news articles as they are real time updates without any corporates trying to edit out information.

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Group just pushed Capitol police

♬ original sound – Marcus DiPaola

A lot of people are supporting his movements as can be seen by his following of 2.1 million on TikTok and 35k on Twitter. His honesty and dedication are being appreciated by his fans and a lot of them are supporting him on Patreon so he can keep doing this work.

He is providing live footage on TikTok in short clips so they can be easily understood. He does not post just to get views, he posts when there is something worth sharing.

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Why should you follow Marcus DiPaola?

He sometimes posts news faster than the news networks who have to go through the approval process and consider politics. He is aggressively trying to post facts as they are by showing us clips of events that he has himself witnessed and recorded.


Was just attacked by a pro Trump rioter as soon as I ended this video

♬ original sound – Marcus DiPaola

How many reporters do you know who risk their lives by going to riots and protests just to provide accurate information about the ongoing events free of cost? All of this so you can be aware without the big corporations blurring your views so as to further their agenda.

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This is a dedicated reporter who is doing everything that he can to educate this generation of America. Support him by following him on TikTok and Twitter and keep up-to-date with what’s happening in the US right now.

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