‘Tracy with the Honda’: Viral TikTok song name and artist revealed!

Screenshot, TikTok-@yunggravy

Another day means another viral TikTok trend and the latest one is the song that talks about ‘Tracy with the Honda’ with thousands of TikTok users creating their own dances to the catchy song.

But what is it called and who is it by? Find out below.

What song does ‘Tracy with the Honda’ come from?

The sound is a song called ‘Oops!’ by American rapper Yung Gravy, his real name is Matthew Raymond Hauri and he is from Minnesota.

The sound on TikTok has over 70k videos created with it.

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The young rapper shot to fame after releasing his first single ‘Mr. Clean’ in 2016, he started his musical career by beginning to upload his self written raps to SoundCloud in 2016.

Within a year of his first SoundCloud upload he had released his first EP.

He was born on the 19th of March 1996 making him 24 years old.

Yung Gravy has 1.3 million followers on Instagram and 1.5 million followers on TikTok thanks to his songs and interesting style.

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Yung Gravy also has a popular YouTube Channel.

He has some very successful songs that are out on the streaming platform Spotify but ‘oops!’ seems to be his first song that is being used as the sound behind viral TikTok videos.

Best ‘Tracy with the Honda’ TikTok dances


Hope you have a great day ✨

♬ oops! – Yung Gravy

@worms.forbrains created a compilation of them skating and snowboarding to the viral song which has 1.3 million likes on TikTok.

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the next wright… @siennamae

♬ oops! – Yung Gravy

Popular TikTok star James Wright who is a member of the TikTok sensations ‘The Hype House’ created a video of his own dance with Sienna Mae to the trending song that has almost one million likes.


baby hairs said 🌪🤪

♬ oops! – Yung Gravy

TikTok dance pro @sjbleau who’s real name is Sarah Jade Bleau also created a her own dance to the popular song that others have tried to replicate.

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Will you be trying to create any viral dances to Yung Gravy’s new hit song?