Twitch: Who is The Possum Queen? Get to know the LGBTQIA+ activist!

Screenshot from Twitch ac of @The_Possum_Queen

Emily (The PossumQueen) is a trans gay LGBTQIA+ activist who is making a safe space on Twitch for everyone to be accepted for who they are.

This is an era where people are rightfully encouraged to open up about their sexual orientation yet that doesn’t change the fact that life still presents a lot of struggles.

Being accepted is necessary but so is being understood. Emily is forming a platform that not only normalizes the stigmatized sections of society but also helps them deal with their daily struggles.

So get involved!

Who is The Possum Queen?

Emily (The Possum Queen) from Ontario, Canada is breaking strides in building an inclusive space for everyone. She talks about the daily struggles that people with different sexual and gender backgrounds experience in society. She educates the people about different psychological aspects that most people are unaware of.

She encourages people to be themselves and accept themselves just as they are. She discloses the ugly parts of some mental disorders and normalizes them because life is difficult and there is no point in hiding the important aspects.

She has a lot of knowledge on therapy, medication, mental disorders, disability, etc. and her videos are eye-opening for some people who are unaware of the details.

What does LGBTQIA+ stand for?

LGBTQIA+ is a commonly used abbreviation which is an umbrella term for all kinds of sexual orientations, preferences, and habits that are not exclusive to the heterosexual and monogamous majority. It includes mostly everyone out of the norm. The abbreviation stands for – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Agender, Asexual, Pansexual, and Allies.

The Possum Queen on Twitch

Twitch is used to stream live videos of video games. People from all over the world watch their favourite players play their game and support them by viewing it live and commenting. It brings people with the same interests together.

The Possum Queen is using this platform aptly to make a loving and supporting community. She has a following of 2.6k which is huge in terms of the Twitch community. She also has a Patreon page in which you can support her in her endeavors – @The_Possum_Queen.

To educate yourself about how people with different sexual orientation, mental disorders and disabilities live, check out her streams or join in and chat up with her on one of her live streaming sessions.

Which one of her videos is your favorite?