TikTok: Meaning of ‘Owa Owa’ explained – and who said it first!

Screenshot from @pudgywoke TikTok

TikTok features new trends all the time, but the account named @pudgywoke is dedicated to the vocals of Pudgy the dog and has now gone viral for a totally different reason than any usual trend.

Pudgywoke, now known by many viewers as the Owa Owa dog, has been turning up on every For You page with a lot to say.

Who is Pudgy?

Pudgy is a long-haired, black chihuahua, estimated to be between 11 and 12 years-of-age. He was rescued around the age of 5 from an abusive home by Malachy James.

Pudgy’s TikTok account (@pudgywoke) now has a huge 4.9 million followers along with 121.3 million likes in total.

Additionally, his Instagram account (@pudgywoke) has 89.9K followers. That’s quite a lot for a small dog, right?

Below is the first post on the account, showing Pudgy and his owner, uploaded on 6th December 2020:

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Despite not having any posted content on there at the moment, Pudgy also has a Youtube channel (Pudgy Woke) which holds 8.23K subscribers; perhaps he is about to take over yet another media platform…

Meaning of ‘Owa Owa’ explained

The trend ‘Owa Owa’ originated on the app when Pudgy barked into the microphone of his owner’s earphone’s as though he was speaking into it. A strange sound came from the little guy and opposed to any normal sounding bark, Pudgy’s sounded as though he had formed the words ‘Owa Owa’.

Don’t believe us? Have a listen for yourself!

TikTok shared by @pudgywoke

Pudgy’s TikTok account is now full of similar videos, with the dog’s vocals causing a huge trend.

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Pudgy began getting attention on TikTok ever since these strange noises were heard by the viewers, but it wasn’t until users acknowledged the sound as ‘Owa Owa’ that the trend officially started.

The owner, Malachy James, has confirmed that Pudgy used to make strange sounds and noises since they first met.

More about Pudgy’s owner and their relationship

18-year-old Malachy James is a verified TikTok creator (@malachy) with 248.5K followers, and he had originally planned to introduce his dog to the viewers on his account.

However, he soon realised he had used his backup account instead, which eventually meant Pudgy the dog had his own account once the response from viewers blew up.

James rescued Pudgy when a friend of his elder brother spotted the dog roaming the streets after he had fled from an abusive home.

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Malachy said he felt an instant connection with the dog as he first saw him and quickly decided to adopt him.

What kind of weird trend will be the next to shock TikTok?


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