YouTube: What happened to Om Sayf? Alleged hand signals explained!

Screenshot from Om sayf Youtube

Fans of Om Sayf, a popular Youtuber who currently lives in Turkey, are concerned that she could be in danger due to her making a hand signal in one of her recent videos.

With over five million subscribers, Om Sayf leaves fans worried after uploading an unexpected video to her channel and no response.

Who is Om Sayf and what does she do?

More often known as Om Sayf, Hadeel Alali is a Youtuber living in turkey.

Frequently uploading gaming content to her Youtube channel (Om sayf) which currently holds 5.76 million subscribers and 205 videos in total so far, this content creator has a large fan base.

Om Sayf is known for being a PUBG streamer, which is a game formerly known as Player Unknowns Battle Grounds that has a dedicated group of professional streamers.

With 401,000 followers on Instagram (@om_seif_77), Om Sayf holds a large following on many social media platforms.

What was the hand signal and what does it mean?

On Monday 11th January 2021, Om Sayf uploaded a 30-second long video to her Youtube channel which consisted of her speaking Arabic and explaining to her viewers that she will be stopping creating content on Youtube.

Om Sayf explaining that she is quitting Youtube.

At the end of the video, Om Sayf placed her hand up with her palm facing the screen, as she then tucked her thumb inside her palm and closed the hand into a fist.

This hand gesture is known as the ‘signal for help’, and was created by The Canadian Women’s Association created this specific hand signal which enables victims of domestic violence to silently indicate a call for help.

The group created a video explaining how the hand signal works for women in need.

Hand signal explained

This was created during the coronavirus pandemic since the group felt as though the outbreak of the virus made it more difficult for those at risk to reach out when in need of help.

What is being done to help?

The Youtuber has not been active on social media since the video was posted and it has now gained a huge 13 million views in just three days, hopefully meaning that the increase in viewers will bring more attention to the supposed problem.

As the worry for her safety grows, supporters have taken to Twitter to voice their concerns.

Twitter user, @AlzanbagiSara used her platform to address the problem in both Arabic and English:

Tweet shared by @AlzanbagiSara

Many more tweets addressing the concern for Om Sayf are being shared constantly.

As the awareness continues to spread around social media, answers will hopefully appear soon.