Who is Nyyxxii? Twitch gamer goes viral in a flash!

Screenshot from @nyyxxii TikTok

Nyyxxii, British Twitch affiliate is currently going viral on the video live streaming service, Twitch.

Having reached over 80,000 views on her most recent broadcast, viewers are wondering just who this mysterious gamer-girl is.

Continue reading to find out more about Nyyxxii and her gaming success.

Who is Nyyxxii and what does she do?

21-year-old Nyyxxii is a female online-gamer and an acting graduate.

She is part of the twitch affiliate program which allows qualified streamers to monetise their channel as they build their audience and work towards the coveted status of Twitch Partner.

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With 157K views in total on twitch, along with 36.9K likes and over 8K followers on Instagram (@nyyxxii_), Nyyxxii has managed to build a large audience in the world of gaming.

Many supporters label Nyyxxii as an e-girl, suggesting she is part of the youth subculture that is almost exclusively seen on social media and known for their significant appearance and behaviours.

Screenshot from @nyyxxii TikTok

Why is Nyxxii going viral?

Nyyxxii’s most recent broadcast on twitch which was posted on 13th January has gained over 83.1K views in just 15 hours.

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Previously, Nyyxxii had gained only hundreds of views, compared to her most recent 3-hour live stream titled ‘COME SAY HI <3‘, which is currently her most viewed broadcast.

Nyyxxii is known by her viewers as making a certain facial expression on her broadcasts which involves her rolling her eyes backwards and sticking out her tongue as shown in the image below.

Whilst eye-rolling and protruding tongues are common behaviours of e-girls; Nyyxxii’s facial expression is slightly more significant.

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When referring to this specific expression, Instagram user, @dr.nddelswhre, commented on @nyyxxii_’s Instagram post from 13th October 2020, stating:

“E girl face of the year🤒”

This popular facial expression has now become part of her online personality and therefore fans identify her with this; maximising her appeal.

How can I continue to keep up with Nyyxxii on social media?

Nyxxii’s Linktree allows her supporters to connect with her on 9 different platforms, varying from social media, merchandise, donations and more.

The popular gamer’s twitch live streams require a subscription to watch, however, her long uploads will definitely make it worth-while.

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The popular gamer-girl has over 1,500 followers on TikTok and despite only having 6 video uploads, most include trending dances or transformation challenges.


These took me so long to make, pls don’t let them flip 😪 #foryoupage

♬ kimset by xix – meow meow

Having first posted on her Instagram account dedicated towards gaming/twitch (@nyyxxii_) in June 2020, she now often uploads onto this page, updating her supporters daily.

Nyyxxii is also active over on her Twitter account where she recently thanked her followers for their support:

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“I didn’t imagine this would happen in my wildest dreams🥺”

Check out Nyyxxii’s social media platforms and decide for yourself, is this worth the hype?