Who is Elise Cancellare? Meet TikTok’s Buss It Challenge girl!

Screenshot from @elisecancellare TikTok

Elise Cancellare, the stunning fitness enthusiast from Texas, recently blew up on social media as she participated in the ‘Buss It’ Challenge.

Elise posted her attempt of the transformation challenge on multiple platforms and gained over 40,000 likes on Twitter alone.

Read below to find out how you can do the same.


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Who is Elise Cancellare?

Elise Cancellare is a fitness enthusiast from Austin, Texas. This boss-woman is the owner of @cancellarefit, a personal and online training site which aids exercise.

With only 8,119 followers on Twitter, Elise managed to obtain a huge 1.4 million views along with 44.4 thousand likes and 7,188 retweets.

TikTok challenge shared by @eliseeeeelise on Twitter

Over on her Instagram (@cancellarelise) Elise has posted multiple images which show off her fabulous, sculpted body. 

Her fitness instagram (@cancellarefit) also includes many ways she manages to keep in such fabulous shape.

How did she become TikTok’s Buss It Challenge girl?

As we all know, the Buss It challenge is taking over the internet. The challenge focuses on a huge transformation to show off your end result; when you look your very best! 

Elise begins the video wearing grey shorts and a simple white crop top with her hair tied back into a low bun. 

As Elise shakes her head and throws her hand in the hair, she then prepares to shock the internet with her transformation.

The next clip then features her dropping to the floor in the Buss It pose, wearing a much more glamorous outfit. 

Wearing a white, body-con, mini-dress paired with tied stiletto heels while her blonde hair is straightened, Elise shows that she really can Buss It. 

Despite only having over 7000 TikTok followers, Elise gained a huge 82.3 thousand views on her Buss It challenge video.

How can I do the Buss It challenge like her?

If you’re wanting to Buss It like Elise, her Instagram account along with her fitness page will tell you everything you need to know.

The challenge mainly aims to show off your transformation whilst squatting to the floor, so the first thing you need to do is build that knee strength! 

Those Megan knees don’t just appear out of nowhere, you know! 

Be sure to follow Elise Cancellare’s social media accounts (linked above) for continual updates surrounding her training programmes.

Once your knees are strong enough to participate in this challenge, you’re definitely ready to Buss It and show off your incredible transformation from 1 to 100.