TikTok: Who is Anokhina? Age, birthplace and Benji Krol friendship!

Screenshot from @anokhinalz TikTok

Social media star Anokhina Liza (on TikTok as @anokhinalz) is currently trending online as supporters are concerned about things such as her age, place of birth as well as her bizarre friendship with Benji Krol.

With a huge age gap, fans are wondering why others seem to think the pair are in a relationship. Continue reading to find out all you need to know about Anokhina and the rumours surrounding her collabs!

Who is Anokhina Liza?

Anokhina Liza is a social media content creator, born and raised in Russia.

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At only age 13, Liza has a huge audience on all of her online platforms.

Liza is thought to be 176cm tall, as various websites report.

On TikTok as @anokhinalz, she has 14.5 million followers along with 396.8 million likes in total.

Liza is well known for her vibrant blue hair, creative makeup and content at such a young age.



♬ I didnt know i was famous – oopsie

On Instagram as @anokhina_elizabeth_2007, she has 2.5 million followers and often uploads content including images of herself and friends.

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Despite having not uploaded in a while, Liza also has a Youtube channel (Лиза Анохина) which holds 1.18 million subscribers.

The creator would usually upload fun content such as vlogs and more.

@anokhinalz on TikTok

Although the creator is not yet verified on the app, Liza gains millions of views on all of her TikTok videos.

@anokhinalz often includes food in her TikTok content, which viewers seem to love.

Liza also gets involved in fun dance trends on the app.

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On TikTok, @anokhinalz has uploaded various collaborative videos with other popular creators.


@samkamusic ⚠️fake poison⚠️

♬ Конфетка – Аnokhina Liza

A popular TikTol hashtag, #anokhinalz, currently has 31.1 million views and is full of content including the 13-year-old.

Anokhina and Benji

Benji Krol is a 20-year-old Brazilian content creator best known for his creative TikTok videos.

This creator has a large online audience, such as on TikTok (@benjikrol) with 16.2 million TikTok followers as well as Instagram (@benjikrol) with 2.2 million followers.

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Benji is also on Youtube (Benji Krol) with 1.24 million subscribers, often getting involved in fun challenges and trends.

Benji responded to @anokhinalz‘s duet whereby she attempted to recreate his popular heart-makeup.

Liza then reacted to the response and corrected the pronunciation of her name.

Since then, Liza and Benji have managed to collaborate on TikTok, uploading numerous uploads featuring the both of them.

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@benjikrol о, конфетка 😳

♬ Конфетка – Аnokhina Liza

Benji also uploaded various collab videos featuring Liza, such as carrying out fun makeup looks together.


liza asked me to do the hearts this time ✨ @anokhinalz

♬ original sound – vann

However, this innocent content has sparked concern on social media as fans wonder whether the two are more than friends.

User named @zaynab_princesse questioned Liza in the comment section, asking if Benji is possibly her boyfriend:

“your boyfriend ? 😳”

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Due to the seven year age gap, these rumours are slightly bizarre, and many supporters disagree.

@xobrooklynne addressed the allegations in a comment whereby she stated:

“y’all need to calm down- her mom organized the collab with them as Benji has stated oh my goodness”

After speculations surrounding a supposed relationship, Benji liked a comment by @antmckinneyofficial which stated:

“Y’all shes 13… plz don’t ship them-“

In one of their collaborative videos, the pair lip-synced the musical audio which included the lyrics ‘best-friend’.

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This suggests that perhaps the creators are no more than friends.

Controversially, a user named @itsyourdailyindiangirl commented:

“I actually ship so bad😭 what’s wrong with me-“

Some viewers have been apologetic surrounding the rumours, @ayy._its._h3l3n took to the comment section to state:

“Benji I’m so sorry if people are shipping you and making you and her uncomfortable,you guys were just making a collab,”

What do you think?

Check out more of Liza and Benji’s TikTok content for further information surrounding the creators!