TikTok: Pick Me Girl meaning explored!

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TikTok often features new slang terms, but ‘pick me girl’ is currently trending and everyone wants to know the real meaning! Creators are loving the hilarious content referring to attention-seeking females.

In this article, we explore the meaning of this popular title. Read below to discover whether or not you have met a pick me girl, or perhaps you are one yourself!


POV: the girl who acts dumb and dramatic because she thinks it’s attractive! #foryou #acting #pov #fyp #viral #pickmegirl #annoying

♬ original sound – lala

What is a Pick Me Girl?

The term ‘pick me girl’ has been spiralling the internet for a while.

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This popular phrase is often used to refer to an attention seeking female who claims to be different from her fellow peers.

Pick me girls are also notoriously known for openly shaming other women in order to compliment themselves.

Among many definitions of the phrase, Urban Dictionary defines a ‘pick me girl’ with the statement:

” a girl that goes out of their way to impress boys and make them seem like they’re “not like other girls” kind of like a simp but for girls “

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User named @jackii0803 features another definition along with a great example of a pick me girl in a past TikTok video.

Do you know any pick me girls?

Pick Me Girl TikTok examples

On TikTok, the popular hashtag #pickmegirl currently has 100.7 million views.

Although posted a while ago, @ittzkatiem uploaded a brilliant example of a pick me girl as she acted out a hilarious scenario involving an attention-seeking female.

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@lala_sadii also acted out a point-of-view situation which involved a pick me girl at school.


POV: the pick me girl starts flirting with her crush in class. #foryou #fyp #pickmegirl #pov #acting #crush #class #annoying

♬ original sound – lala

Another user @body_positive_bartender also created an excellent example of a pick me girl as she acted as though she had worn her hospital-band to school.

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In 2020, user named @iimmii_ gained masses of views as she pretended to be a pick me girl cleaning up while at a party.


also the same girl that breaks up Jake n Brandon’s fight because she’s ✨🧚🏻the only one that can calm him down✨🧚🏻 #pickme #pickmegirl #fyp

♬ So Pick Me – Dallas

TikTok account @textingx…..stories created a texting scenario between a pick me girl and her peers.

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But, wait! The term isn’t just used on TikTok, examples of the use of this title can also be found on other social media platforms, such as Twitter.

Twitter user named @shanasa17 responded to @rintarougurl‘s tweet claiming that she is different from other girls, with the statement:


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What about Pick Me Boys?

Oh you haven’t got away with this one, boys!

This hilarious expression can also be used in reference to the male species!

A ‘pick me boy’ is used when representing the exact same traits as the female-version, with the only exception of a gender swap.

The popular TikTok hashtag, #pickmeboys currently has 10.9 million views and is full of content surrounding those types of men.

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Although slightly less popular, #pickmeboy is also trending on the app with 8.3 million views in total.

@charlotte_.oliver drew attention to annoying pick me boys in a recent TikTok video.

Another TikTok creator, @charleyajc also gained lots of attention on a video whereby she included common pick me boy phrases.


Creds to @lorna.farrellx – too funny&accurate to not recreate 😭 #2019 #pickme #friend #donttakeitforreal

♬ original sound – Aesthetic_Vibes – Esperanza Alcazar

So, keep a look out for pick me girls and boys!