WATCH: TikTok’s ‘my baby is gay’ video causes backlash – is she joking?

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A video of a mother claiming that her baby is gay has gone viral on TikTok and people are confused. Is she joking? Watch the video here.

Social media is a place where you can find anything and anyone and because of the big range of people, there is a big range of opinions as well, that can often cause disruption.

A mother of a baby shared on TikTok a video in which she claims that her baby is gay; that statement made many angry and others sympathetic towards the woman.

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“My baby is gay” TikTok video

Victoria Worthington, whose username on TikTok is “prochoicemom”, shared her first video two days ago and it has gone viral, not because of a trending dance or a challenge as you would expect, but because of her claims in the video.

In the video, Worthington holds her baby saying “my son is gay. I called up my dad and said guess what? Your grandson is gay.”

She then goes on to explain how her father, who most likely is a heterosexual man in the context, reacted: “you can’t just say your baby is gay before he gets the chance to tell us he’s gay.”

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Is the mother joking?

The mother goes on to make her point, that was clearly missed by many:

“Straight people do it all the time. Little baby boy is born ‘oh he’s going to be a heartbreaker’, little baby girl is born ‘oh you better lock her up when she turns 16’. Clearly, people want their children to straight. Well, my son is gay, very gay. Straight people, do you see? You sound ridiculous, stop sexualising babies.”

Victoria Worthington’s aim wasn’t to label the sexuality of her baby, but to show how ridiculous it sounds when people announce that their kids are straight or gay.

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TikTok reacts to the “my baby is gay” video

The TikTok video has over 2.6 million views and many controversial comments; some support and understand the video, while others are urging the woman to seek help.

Some of the comments against the woman’s claims were: “I’m praying for this poor child”, “bro how are you gonna decide what he is?” and “he doesn’t even know what 1+1 is.”

People who understood that the video is an ironic representation of people forcing their kids to be straight supported the mother commenting “y’all are proving her point in the comments lol”, “some of y’all didn’t watch the whole video and it shows” and more.

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