TikTok: What does SMT mean on social media?

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A lot of TikTok users are using the abbreviation “SMT” in comments and captions. Scroll to find out what does it mean on TikTok and other platforms.

What does SMT mean on TikTok?

The full form of SMT varies from one social media platform to another. It also depends on the context. There are more than a few meanings of SMT.

But here is what SMT commonly means on the TikTok platform as explained by none other than Urban Dictionary

Abbreviation for ‘something’.
‘Tamara- What was his name?
Helena- Ryan
Helena- or smt like that.

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Smt is an abbreviation for the word: something.
Person 1: hey, what did you get Amanda for her birthday??
Person 2: nothing yet….I plan on getting her a journal or smt.

Full form of SMT

Other full forms of SMT are –

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short for “sucking my teeth” often used in instant messaging
Rob: Can you help me with my hw?
Kathy: No way!
Rob: smt…you’re no help.

If you are into anime or in an anime circle –

smt is short for shin megami tensei a series that made the spinoff series persona both are great
smt v will be great!

One another commonly used full form of SMT on some platforms like Instagram is –

“Send me this”
*u post a funny video*
Someone: smt

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Most abbreviations on social media platforms are made for two reasons, a word or a phrase is used a lot so it is shortened for ease, or there is a sexual meaning and you want to hide it from the Boomers. For the second reason, here is the full form of SMT –

Short for “suck my tit
“Yo wangstah, youz can smt!

suck my tits!!!!!
girl:your an asshole!!
boy:bitch please, make me a sandwich or smd!
girl:HAHAHA yeah okay smt mannnn
girl: ew

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