Why are the Sidemen breaking up? TikTok falls victim to clickbait!

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The Sidemen have been a big part of people’s lives since 2013. Twitter and TikTok fans were devastated when rumours of the group breaking up kept appearing. Now it seems like the UK public just can’t handle the heartbreak.

Who are The Sidemen on YouTube?

The Sidemen are a group of British YouTubers who made a channel together in 2013 and fans fell in love with their funny content and personalities instantly. Creating videos of real-life Tinder with 10.8million subscribers, people love their content and enjoy watching them every week.

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Why are the Sidemen breaking up?

Umm… they’re not.

It all started with videos of people crying on TikTok after rumours that the beloved Sidemen were finally breaking up.

TikTok videos captioned ‘why the sidemen are breaking up’ started as a joke but ended up confusing fans.

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Fortunately, the Sidemen have since addressed these rumours in numerous podcasts and videos and stated that they are false. The relationship between the boys won’t go away anytime soon and their channel is still running with no signs of ending just yet.

Although Sidesmen’s recent YouTube video captioned ‘why the sidemen will split up’ caused even more confusion, you will be happy to know as most YouTube titles are, it was all for clickbait.

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So in the end, no they are not breaking up. Rumours and just rumours and probably started from clickbait or a board fan. So no need to worry.